Spring flowers are here!

23 04 2014
April rose

April rose

Flowers are out in full force in the yard now! I’m excited. :) Also the first of my new stud earrings (resin studs with little clay fruit/veggie pieces inside) is up on Etsy now:

strawberry kiwi resin earrings - so cute!

strawberry kiwi resin earrings – so cute!

I keep saying I want to put up paintings/prints. The challenge is that I have to get a good quality scan or photo (to make prints with) before I put the actual painting up for sale. I’m still struggling with my printing lab changing the image brightness and enlarging things unbidden (slicing of my signature)…. so I just spent a ton of money on comparison pics:

..2 - 3 variations of everything

..2 – 3 variations of everything

Anyway, more flowers!

spring flower4

Delphinium - my favorite!

Delphinium – my favorite!

spring flower1

spring flower3

Europainting 2

18 04 2014
The second Europainting - my favorite house/castle-type thing in Strasbourg, France

The second Europainting – my favorite house/castle-type thing in Strasbourg, France

Yes, yes, no ruler, no perspective again. I just hate perspective. I like everything organic, free-form.

It’s a follow up to this one here, Petit France in Strasbourg. That one is 5″x7″ and this is 8″x10″ I believe. More Europaintings planned, but I think my next will be another giant animal painting.

The Europaintings will go on Etsy once I get my prints back and see if their quality passes muster. Oh, and have to figure out how to ship these too…

Cumberland Revisited

8 04 2014
the beach forest

the beach forest

Oh yes, another trip to Cumberland Island! It’s been a few years since I’d been; I wrote about that trip here:

This time it was early March, which in north Florida and south Georgia should be warm enough. Just our luck it was in the 40s that morning! I shed off my hat and gloves throughout the day, but never did take off my coat or scarf, so I ended up with some bizarre sunburns on my hand and like 1/2 my neck.


Mysterious. Never found out what this was even after inspecting it for a good 10 minutes.

Mysterious. Never found out what this was even after inspecting it for a good 10 minutes.


Above are the ruins of what I think was the Rec Center. It’s sad and surprising how much it’s decayed in the few years since my last trip. In fact, the old car graveyard was completely missing. It makes me think, what ruins of Dungeness will be left for tourists 100 years from now, if any?



There are 100+ wild horses that roam over the island. This one was grazing right in front of Dungeness with a friend.


Overlooking the salt marsh, Dungeness at our backs

Overlooking the salt marsh, Dungeness at our backs

Dungeness itself

Dungeness itself

Of course, you still can’t go inside Dungeness, and there’s not much there to be seen:

reinforcements for the inner walls

reinforcements for the inner walls



I did discover the Duck Pond this time, which I strangely missed last time. Its off the main path to the right if you get off at the first dock upon arrival (Ice House Dock).

Duck Pond remnants

Duck Pond remnants

...and said main path

…and said main path

We tried to eat our PB&J lunch at some shady picnic tables across from the graveyard area. Unfortunately, someone else wanted to eat our PB&J too. A little raccoon appeared at the edge of the forest and started meandering over. At first, we thought we was cute, but then it became apparent that he was coming right for us at increasing speed, and might possibly have rabies. We yelled at him and flailed our arms to no avail. I stood up on the bench, and then the table itself – and he was right behind me! With his razor sharp teeth. Considering that he wasn’t frothing at the mouth, he probably didn’t have rabies, but I still got the feeling there’d be no appeasing him unless he got all the food…or us.
We were forced to run away and eat on the beach.

Awww... you're too cute to have rabies!

Awww… you’re too cute to have rabies!

He looks so betrayed!


Speaking of the beach – they have amazing shells here. On Jax Beach you typically only find broken ones. We also spotted more horses:

man vs. wild

man vs. wild


Plenty of jellyfish and horse shoe crabs were washed ashore. They make me feel a bit sad for them.


To be difficult, I insisted we trek to the jetties (doable but far – hence the sunburn) which I hadn’t seen since childhood. I remember it feeling sort of magical, with little pools of water with tiny crabs and shells and strangely colored sea life.



Not so magical now. Either my childhood perception was way off, or they’ve gone in with bigger rocks that are much harder to climb on (mainly because they’re really jagged). But I like seeing the difference in the ocean on either side of it.

I like the look of this pool of water for some reason. There's something space-ish about it.

I like the look of this pool of water for some reason. There’s something space-ish about it.



Jetties are the pelican hang out spot.

Jetties are the pelican hang out spot.

Here’s how cold it was:

Awkward-looking pic of me, but you can see how cold it was - 3 layers of shirts/jacket on even on the beach.

Awkward-looking pic of me, but you can see how cold it was – 3 layers of shirts/jacket on even on the beach.

We got to the second dock (Sea Camp) early, so walked a trail back to the Ice House for pick up. There were tons of these gorgeous yellow wild vine flowers (below) that smelled delicious. Like starfruit, and candy, and a million types of flowers combined.

like Starburst!

like Starburst!

I think Starburst candy is the best comparison.

Anyway, Cumberland Island is awesome. Go if you can. Remember: there is no food and water on the island; bring your own. No trash cans either, so keep it with you. And look out for gators!

Pencil Faces

3 04 2014

practice portraits
Practicing some silly stylistic things. I’m sort of happy with it except for super psycho eyes near the top there.

TV Night

25 03 2014

not sharing popcorn
Ugggh….legs….and this cat, I don’t even know


24 03 2014

Quick pencil sketch that I threw some digital color on also quickly, playing with things I never look at like setting a layer to multiply and different brush types. Also realizing more and more each day that the fact that, digitally, I have to do everything with my right hand on a mouse is massively inefficient and rocky compared to what I could do using my left and a stylus. Being left handed and all. Am considering a tablet.

what kind of birds? nobody knows

what kind of birds? nobody knows

I don’t know about those birds, but I did them thinking of my new bird obsession: Chipita.


This (the swan) is Chipita. I was walking around Lake Eola a few weeks ago with a friend when a park ranger (?) on a bicycle comes out of nowhere with this adorable swan following him. He stops and pets her, saying “This is Chipita!” I didn’t manage to get my phone fast enough for a pic; luckily we saw them again by the ranger house (? I’ve no idea) and she was squawking because he went in the house without her, but then he came back out and voila, all was well.

Something New

8 03 2014

It finally feels like Spring today after 5 days of rain, cold, and mist. Working on something new for the new season:

Ooh so ethereal!

Ooh so ethereal!

These are layers of leaves pressed in wax paper. Some I started back in November.


Breaking out new resin…

1st layer applied

1st layer applied

I expect these will take a few weeks to finish. Going to try not to destroy the entire table this time.


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