Almost September!

31 08 2012

September to me is the signal that means fall and winter and holidays are coming, which is kind of exciting, except I hate being cold.


Some seasons girls I drew at work. WordPress says my browser won’t be supported much longer. 😦 I need to learn more about computers.

From the Vault 2

25 08 2012

2007 – Was so obsessed with this song: Kings of the Wild Frontier

Lyrics from Adam & the Ants

Dude, I hate the way I did the words on the trees though. Terrible. This was for college. If I hadn’t had the deadline, I might have done better with the tree words…or I just might not have done the painting at all. Pitfalls of motivation.

What do peacocks eat?

17 08 2012

Jane and Greg adopt a peacock.

Pretty sure peacocks wouldn’t eat cookies. I used to draw these 2 characters years ago: Jane and Greg – platonic college roommates who don’t function like normal people and have weird hobbies. I want to start cartooning them again. Anyway, I really do wonder what kind of pet a peacock would make. I saw one on my trip to Tampa, just wandering around a parking lot:

Just chillin’

Crochet Coral Reef

14 08 2012

So, a couple weekends ago visiting St. Pete, FL, I kept driving through their downtown and seeing string jellyfish hanging in a storefront window. Come to find out they’re part of a crocheted coral reef! How cool. 🙂 See my pics below and read about it here: Florida Craftsmen Gallery.

over 285 artists contributed, and this is just one part of it!


Adorable lil’ sting ray





close-up of the jellies that caught my eye

Lights of St. Pete

10 08 2012

So here’s where I went over the weekend:


South Pasadena


Visited the Gramps in St. Pete. And I think I promised some non-photo, actually sketchy art stuff:

Woody’s Waterfront @ South Pasadena, FL

Quick little acrylic. I love night scenes that are so loose and bright that it becomes more about the color and the light/dark rather than any defined shape or image. This place is a small bar/cafe right on the water.

…And this is what I did on the 3rd night for a bit when the Olympics were on: Glass animal statues and some vintage people. Bleck.

Later this week or early next I’m going to post about the coolest art exhibit ever from St. Pete! Pics to come…

From the Vault

1 08 2012



UCF at night


Dug up this old study I did for a college class; I already know I don’t have time this week to do artsty things due to reasons I’ll talk about next week. (On that note, I promise to have some actual current sketches next week!) Anyway, I remember doing this study in a couple hours really late at night for a last minute assignment. And you can totally tell. I’m pretty sure this is what my Lake Eola painting used to be. No rulers again! I love how night lighting totally transforms colors.




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