Bah, Holidays

27 11 2011

Why did I think having 2 days off for Thanksgiving would give me MORE time for anything? Entertaining family takes forever. Makes me feel like I’m doing my civic duty or something. But anyway, nice holiday, just no time for drawing in between that and writing. It’s the home stretch. Deadline is Wednesday. Got 4,000 words to go and must write the grand finale scene today.

Here’s a lil cop out picture before the week is over:

Dancing Cat

19 11 2011

Sorry, another cop-out old sketch this week. NaNoWriMo + craziness at work + the social life is soaking up all my time. 18,000 words to go!

Part Deux

10 11 2011

Okay, see below. I took a photo of the painting in yesterday’s post.  Still not a great capture, but it accomplishes the mission of showing how terrible my scanner is. Blah!

Magenta Skin?

9 11 2011

Took a day off today and found some time for a couple water color sketches. They were pretty fun, though I’m getting upset about my scanner, because it’s TERRIBLE. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a photo of the pic below because my scanner blew out the colors and altered them. Grr.

Random girls with cool eye makeup

 I have no idea who these people are. They were from a photo on the Folio Weekly site (not my photo!). I liked that they had fun eye make up and reverse face shapes (broad with convex nose and thin with concave nose).

Fan-dancing girl?

 This is from a photo I took earlier this year. I wanted it less cartoony than the previous. Again, major loss of tone with the scanner.

Anyhow, water color’s pretty cool, because it’s such an easy set up. I can use 1 brush and 1 cup of water for an entire sketch and instead of a tool box of paint tubes, you only need one of those elementary school 12 color circle palettes. Bam!

Off to write NaNoWriMo now. I’m on schedule over the 12,000 word mark, but tonight I’m writing the first really hard part. :/


5 11 2011

It’s almost the end of the week, and unfortunately, I’m not going to have time to sketch. This is partly due to my last minute decision to try a writing challenge: Premise? From Nov. 1 – Nov. 30, write a fiction novel at least 50,000 words long. What was I thinking?

So instead of a weekly new sketch, I’m going to cheat and put up some old sketches from my former blog….

main characters from "Six Degrees"

 Six Degrees was an awesome TV show. So much potential!

characters from "Carita De Angel"

 Good ol’ Univision. Carita de Angel was the cutest Mexican soap opera ever. I always wanted to be Tia Pelucas for Halloween. Too bad no one would get it. 😦

Hi My Sweetheart - Show Luo and Rainie Yang

 Back from my days obsessed with Asian dramas…never got into this one, but it was kinda cute.

Ok, next week will be better!

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