Octopus Kids

29 05 2012

Oh man, I’ve got some paintings to work on. One does involve an octopus. The other involves a mystery animal.

Fluff ‘n Stuff

21 05 2012

I’m sure my baby swan obsession is amplified by its being a subcategory of other obsessions – like Orlando and Lake Eola. For a birthday treat to myself, I got to see the baby swans at Lake Eola. I love how swans form family units. The mom leads the babies everywhere, and the dad is around a lot to ward off threats. Very cute.

And of course, it’s not a proper Lake Eola photo post without a shot of the famous swan boats:

Doodle Time

18 05 2012

Random doodles

You know what? I have tons of cool photos to post (including baby swan pictures, oh yes), but photo posts take SO long and seem to have created all kind of weirdness on the blog where some recent posts are at the bottom or off to the side or something else ridiculous. But that’s a puzzle for another night.

The Number 13

13 05 2012

So tomorrow is my birthday, which I’ve uncharacteristically been growing more depressed about this year the closer the day gets. Perhaps it has something to do with it also being Mother’s Day, which is so fantastic considering my mother died last year.

mom with giant 80s hair and big-headed baby, me

Man, I looked like a boy as a baby. Well hopefully after I turn 26, I’ll get a little less macabre and dismal.  Here’s something cheerful below: my dish garden project!

Conservation Zone Fashion Show

5 05 2012

I mentioned the Eco Latino Conservation Zone Fashion Show in yesterday’s post, and here are the pics! It was SO much fun to see; I love stuff that’s got a bit of weirdness, reminds me of The Tribe or something. Definitely some New Zealand-ish overtones here. Next year I’ll plan better to get a closer spot and bring a telephoto lens.  Read the event’s backstory here.

The Wall of Light

4 05 2012

So this post is all about someone else’s art….Jacksonville’s monthly Art Walk took place yesterday and saw Doug Eng’s “Message in a Bottle” installation unveiled in its full glory. Doug and Dorian Eng are wonderfully nice and creative people who are constantly coming up with good ideas. Now behind the main library in downtown, the public can see 15,000+ bottles with messages for America’s service men. I only had a 50 mm lens with me, but here’s what I got below. Learn more here

(Oh, and I also have pics of this awesome fashion show from Art Walk which hopefully will be up in the next day or two.) 🙂

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