Fitness!… Bleh

16 07 2017

cat walkSo I’ve been on a “fitness journey” this year that involved a successful Couch to 5K but since has not been as smooth (the anemia and 95 degree weather outside do NOT help), so I was drawing a pic about running (with a cat?? I dunno) and then a companion piece about how much I hate it especially compared to other weekend morning options like getting donuts.

So these are really 2 parts of the same scene.  Bleh!

fitness bleh



6 03 2017

Spring is here, which means time to garden! Also time for the Strawberry Festival, which I had on my mind when I did this girl’s outfit. 🙂



14 02 2017

peacock in love ❤



Pika Pika

30 08 2016

Not even playing Pokémon Go, and it’s got me all nostalgic about Pokémon. It had been like 20 years since I’ve seen it, but that Pikachu is still so stinkin’ cute!! All I’m sayin’ is if they made a show with the characters aged up, I would totally watch it. Much nerd.


Fun with Hue

17 08 2016

Playing with my Wacom tablet again – selfie with slightly larger-than-life eyes. My quick attempt at a random space background. Then in Photoshop wasting all kinds of time with effects. Effects are so fun!!


The last one is my favorite for this pic: difference clouds!
And now to stop procrastinating and get back to a real painting…

Faire Peeps Pt.4

5 04 2016

This guy was so 90s punk, I just had to draw him. Sort of proud of that plaid shirt even though up close it’s sloppy.


Faire Peeps Pt.3

29 03 2016

This girl was dressed and posed as a statue.


Faire Peeps Pt.2

27 03 2016


Faire Peeps Pt.1

22 03 2016

The Medieval Faire is a great place for street photography. Decided to do some digital portraits of some of the folks at this year’s. Part 1: Adorable Old Man with Cute Owl.


“Wake pies and make the dead”

30 06 2015

Just discovered Pushing Daisies a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it and watched all the episodes and bought it online. It is so sweet and colorful and just … different, in a good way. How was this cancelled after 2 seasons?!

So I wanted to draw screencaps from the show…you know how people take an animated screen shot and do a “re-draw” in their style? Even though this was live action… and I learned that I have a hard time diverging from source-material style.

Emerson's face is always

Emerson’s face is always “can’t even.” I just love him.

Starting on the right side (above), I tried to go in a different direction than the screen capture, but by the time I got to Emerson, it had pretty much become a simplified style of what was on the screen…. that gradually got more involved…

Ned and Olive

Ned and Olive – and oh, hello, I drew a background!

Lee Pace has fantastic eyebrows, and I might have gone a *little* overboard with their caterpillar-ness. I couldn’t help it. Oh well! … and then it got more involved …

Chuck being earnest and Emerson being

Chuck being earnest and Emerson being “can’t even” once again.

Compared to original screencap:

PD screencap8

Screen shot from Pushing Daisies via my lovely iPhone camera

And my initial first layer sketch:


Anyway, it was fun! Everyone should do a screencap draw at some point. Just open a blank canvas in Photoshop, open the screencap photo, set arrange to view 2 horizontal – so you can look at the photo above your canvas while working – and start drawing! And no color picking – that’s cheating. Now if only I could get a good shot of Pigby!

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