Project Runway

30 01 2015

Been really into Project Runway: All Stars lately. Dmitry and Sanji are my favorites. 🙂 Sanji has this awesome sense of style, and I love how Dmitry’s always so deadpan. Not sure I like Michelle (think that’s her name…with the Mohawk thing), but I’m fascinated by her Mohawk thing. I didn’t quite mean to make Isaac Mizrahi look that angry. :/ Some quick sketches during the episodes. A new eppie is on Right! Now!

proj runway

Green Mask

22 01 2015

green mask

More tablet practice… you can tell I totally gave up by the time I got to the legs. 😛

Project: Mouse

20 01 2015

I haven’t abandoned this blog! It’s just life getting in the way as usual. In a 2 week time span, I’ve traveled to a tropical vacation spot and will travel to a frozen cold business city. Then there was the biopsy business which was totally not cool except for the fact that I’m now technically part titanium. And I’m enough of a nerd to be excited about that.

Anyway, I’ve been making time for little craft projects. Last summer, I fell in love with this line of vegetable/animal figurines called Homegrown. OMG. They are the cutest! I can’t decide which of them to buy yet, so in the meantime I decided to try making the rutabaga mouse out of old polymer clay.


You’re probably supposed to use foil or an armature for the body, but I thought I’d try to get away with making it smaller without that stuff.


Rough. Man, is it hard to get things smooth! By the time I baked it, it looked pretty okay. Then I knocked its ear off. And then its arm fell off. 😦


However! I epoxy-ed it all back together, and the acrylics worked brilliantly. You can see the picture of the Enesco/Homegrown version behind it. It’s much better than mine, but I’m still pretty proud of it. Oh, and those are a couple of random, in-process, clay swans on the painting foil.



The cooking time confuses me, because the clay package said 15 minutes for every 1/4 inch, but the mouse’s body was so much thicker than the rest. I ended up burning the bottom of him, but! paint fixes all.

One Last Birb

1 01 2015

I’m spending too much time on tumblr, as I’ve started referring to cute birds as birbs. In honor of the last day of 2014, here is a holiday birb. Happy New Year, everyone!

holiday birb

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