Work in Progress – Gemstone Girls

23 10 2012

Birthstones are not as straightforward as you might think. For example, depending on where you look, sardonyx and peridot are both called the birthstone of August.

After inking, I’m going to computer-color these, then put the final versions up here.

pencil first, then inked (pic above this) with Micron or Millenium pens

Below – the roughest of starts:

concept sketch for Opal (October)

Opal pencil – halfway through


Terrarium Project 2

19 10 2012

Making terrariums is so much fun that I just had to make another! I’ve always wanted to try an enclosed one.

Here’s what you get: mini plants that like water, charcoal, gravel, potting soil, and most importantly – a roomy glass container with an interesting shape. Mine is from Hobby Lobby, around $18 with their 40% off coupon.

Whoops! You can tell even my “mini” plants were a bit too big. No matter – you can trim them, just not to much at once or you may shock the plant.

Some trimmed pieces left behind…

See above…didn’t take too much off, just enough to be able to fit them all in and close the lid.

I layered some gravel just around the edges for decoration mainly, just to break up the dark dirt with another color.

Mini elephant ear! 🙂

Ta da!

Next week: something totally different – back to sketching!

Terrarium Project 1

10 10 2012

Months ago, I posted about my attempt at making a dish garden. Since then, some of the denizens sadly didn’t make it. They all kind of died simultaneously, and I’m still not sure what caused it. At any rate, I bought some new editions for replacements:

We have a new agave cactus, aloe plant, and in that empty-looking space I put a leaf that had fallen off of one of the remaining plants and had roots growing out of it. We’ll see what happens.

Weird kind of aloe plant

Here’s a better look at the new aloe plant I got.

Anyway, since I had a hard time with succulents, I decided to try a terrarium. I wandered into this thrift store in 5 Points that was going out of business and selling everything, including these glass fish bowls used to hold small items. I saw terrarium-potential and got a bowl for $1!

washed gravel – a 40 lb. bag of the stuff is $3.79 at Ace Hardware

First, you have to get some gravel. Wash it off to get rid of sediment or contaminents. You also should get some horticulture charcoal to keep the soil “sweet.” I’m not sure, but I think that means mold prevention.

After putting in a layer of gravel, add some charcoal. Next comes potting soil.

I chose a polka dot plant (in the back) and what the garden person told me is a pepperonia plant.

I wanted to add something fun, so I pulled out some old pieces of stained glass that I practiced sautering on and some small gemstones I’d found in North Carolina. Ended up not using the stained glass.

Here they are!

Horoscope Girls

6 10 2012

In between making terrariums today, I drew this little cartoon thing:

Scorpio, Sagitarrius, and Virgo

Zodiac signs are kind of fun to play with. For example, Virgo is the maiden, normally represented in a natural environment wearing a dress. So how about a hippie, animal-friendly girl? I put the little zodiaz symbol for each somewhere on them… So, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Virgo are hanging out randomly around some mountains. Libra should chronologically be there, but the idea I have for her requires an urban setting.


4 10 2012

Time for something colorful and different:

“The Hand” – acrylic

Can you guess what they are? The 2 on the left are done from my wrist; the 2 on the right are the top of my hand. I took the veins in existance and just extrapolated from there. Try it – fun project!

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