So I Made a Dress

18 05 2017

Craft time! Somehow I’ve managed to make actually wearable full circle skirts, and that’s about it… but recently I decided to try making an entire dress. With no pattern. And I barely know how to sew. Fun!

lily dress4

Actually it was kind of fun, and even though it’s clearly a bit ill-fitting, and I had no idea how to do boob darts, I think it looks pretty decent for a 1st try. I mean, I least I can get in and out of it!

lily dress2

Okay, I’m actually pretty proud of it. I had to do a whole crappy iPhone photo shoot to memorialize my victory in case it starts falling apart down the road.

lily dress8

I tried to use a much shorter spandex dress I have as a “model”, made a pattern from that and estimated the extra allowance for cotton since it doesn’t really stretch. I didn’t estimate quite right on the bodice’s proportions.
Then I did a 1/2 circle skirt instead of a full, because I didn’t have enough material. You can see – it still moves but isn’t as swishy.

lily dress11

Well, okay, it’s a little swishy. (Ignore my dumb face pls!)

lily dress7

Walking away, the back doesn’t look too bad. But up close, you can see that I put the zipper in off-angle (woops) and have excess material. Plus I want to leave the top of the back open so it can close with a bow thing and haven’t gotten to that part yet. (It stays zipped anyway without it.)

lily dress9

Ack – just pretend like you can’t see that part. Oh, and the other part that doesn’t fit right:

lily dress18

See how the hip sticks out from the bodice? Ugh. Anyway – I learned a lot and (hopefully) my next dress will fit better. Maybe I’ll get unlazy and actually buy a pattern.

Oh and just FYI this lily pad material came from JoAnn’s in the cotton section – not too expensive!


Villain Number One

2 05 2017

I stumbled into the beautiful meme trap that is We Are Number One, and somehow it’s developed into this full-blown adoration of all things Lazy Town and Robbie Rotten. He’s so relatable! The whole show is so cute!
lazy town robbie

But it’s so cute…

20 03 2017

From January that I haven’t posted til now, an anatomically (and shadow-ly) incorrect digital illustration…



6 03 2017

Spring is here, which means time to garden! Also time for the Strawberry Festival, which I had on my mind when I did this girl’s outfit. 🙂



14 02 2017

peacock in love ❤



Afternoon Sun

31 01 2017

Last of these sketches-over-a-photo things… these were fun!


Doesn’t Like Weddings

11 01 2017

I like this putting-a-drawing-onto-a-photo thing. This time intended to draw a lady with fire hair and ended up with a … displeased bridesmaid? I totally feel the same about weddings.


Snow Bubbles

31 12 2016

Sometimes in Florida they get a bubble machine to sub for snow…  southern improvisation. And somehow that generated the idea for this pic. Happy New Year!



Dormouse and Alice

30 11 2016

Just discovered Mad T Party and fell in ❤ with the whole concept, and OF COURSE I’m too late! Also they did it at Disneyland, not Disneyworld, so I’d probably have never gone anyway, but still. So fun! So cute! How adorable are their antics with Alice? OMG. My lil’ fanart:


Not-So-“Supermoon” Experience

22 11 2016

So apparently, we had a supermoon recently  – the biggest in 60-some years. I tried to meet up with a photo group in Green Cove Springs to attempt some photos of the thing, but the night didn’t turn out quite as planned.


A photog crowd gathered on the banks by the dock right at sundown. As you can see, a massive cloud cover blocked the night sky. I passed time taking some random pics:


…a fancy boat across the river, and the gazebo in the park behind me:


But the night drew on, and still no break in the clouds. So I just started shooting randomly from the tripod.




And then even more randomly:



…until we finally had to admit defeat – the moon was not gonna show itself that night. Stupid clouds!


Right before I packed up, I got a fun shot of a bicycler:


And that was it! No supermoon. 😦 I did get to see the moon the next night (perfectly clear, of course), but it did not look super! Guess 1 day really makes a difference. Oh well, maybe 18 years from now!

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