Being Gross

30 03 2012

After 2 weeks of being sick and 2 weekends of traveling, I’m so looking forward to a full-out rest this weekend. Last weekend in Orlando, we discovered this new place that sells macarons. They even have a basil and white chocolate one- whaaaat! It’s crazy-awesome. But when you’re sick, it kinda goes like this:

Sorry for the dumb sketch. In my defense, I still feel blah. He really had to get water for me. 😦 Here’s a cool photo to make up for it:

Prato in Winter Park, FL

My friend and I stumbled upon Prato in Winter Park last December and knew we had to go for our next reunion. Plants in a wall + firey lamps + cool Ikea-looking lights = yes, please. Very good attentive hostesses who luckily sat us in a booth. The pizza I got was alright, but the marscapone polenta was to die for. We sat around drinking wine for like 2+ hours later; the waitress’s desire for us to get the hell out was pretty apparent. Overall though, awesome ambiance, and I’d go again.

Spring Flowers

21 03 2012

Been massively ill for a week now which is super icky. I’m doing more sleep than art due to my head feeling like it’s going to explode. Also, I spent last weekend (while sick) doing things like this:

Beach at Fort de Soto

:)Although hanging out on a beach probably made me more sick… The only art that’s gonna happen this week was a painting I did (also while sick) around 1 a.m. or so over the weekend. We painted old school style- cheap craft acrylics, which I haven’t done since ’04. And just the basics for color minus crucial white thanks to my fever-ridden brain. Note: craft paint yellow might actually be better quality than Golden paint yellow:

Breaking in 2 pairs of shoes at once

14 03 2012

Uber stressed this week. Made a turkey, mozerella, and tomato wrap today for lunch, and when I took it out of the fridge it was, like…drenched in tomato water or something. I don’t know what happened, but I was planning to make the same thing tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to lunch now.

Giant pig bath

All I’ve been drawing for the past few days is really  skinny people with weird feet and massive hair.

Real-life Mustache

8 03 2012

Mustache man and fat, suspicious woman.

Ooh, I have so much to do before  Battle of the Exes comes on tonight!

Not feelin’ it

3 03 2012

Alpine Groves Park

Here’s a pretty picture from my favorite park. So sorry – but this week I majorly slacked. It has been a super out-of-character week as I don’t like reality shows, yet somehow I’ve become inexplicably obsessed with MTV’s Battle of the Exes and spent all my free time exercising or watching that. This morning I have to head to Riverside Arts Market for the Spring opening. Ok, ok, Imma put up some old sketches so I don’t feel as guilty :

2007 – tree by UCF’s fountain and planning for a painting

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