Pity the fool!

27 10 2011

Unintentionally saw the “A-Team” movie on Monday. Go HBO. It’s about 4 guys who run around solving missions for the greater good and act cLeVeR: the crazy guy who flies things, the big guy afraid of flying, Liam Neeson, and the supposedly charming guy with hair that is or appears to be slicked back (Bradley Cooper). It’s pretty fun. I decided to draw them today – here’s what I remember!:

A-Team WooooOOo

I think this describes everyone perfectly. That blue thing is a paintbrush, by the way.


18 10 2011
Are You Being Served? cast, minus Mr. Humphries

More live sketches, this time from “Are You Being Served?” – the most awesome 70’s British show. It’s about people working in a department store saying proper-sounding things like “Are you free, Mr. Granger?” but also throwing out¬†innuendo like mad. The stern guy at the top is Captain Peacock. ūüôā

I worked in a department store in high school and used to come home at 10 p.m. and watch this on PBS while eating peanut-buttered-toast.
I’m pleased, because I’ve wanted to try coloring a sketch in watercolor forever, but displeased because drawing moving pictures makes getting a likeness tough. I’m also tired to doing just faces and busts. Maybe some animal drawings next.

Classic Couple Pose

13 10 2011

Who knew Josh Homme got married? QOTSA was the only band I ever cared to see in concert. That was 10 years ago at the Marquee. Neither one of¬†these two¬†seems like the marrying type, but they’re kinda cute. I got a little too spindly-cartoonish with her body, oh well.

Hmm, this looks familiar….

It’s William Terriss, again! With Jessie Millward. Not ones for Victorian virtue, but they did look adorable.

Ok, I’m done with William Terriss pictures, promise.

William Terriss, Continued

11 10 2011


¬†William Terriss in the upper right with co-star and mistress Jessie Millward.¬†You’d think the internet would have at least 1 picture of his actual wife, since she was an actress too, but I haven’t found it. His daughter, Emmaline, also became famous (top left). She smiled¬†a lot, unlike her father. Maude Adams (bottom pics) was the highest paid stage actress at the time and had some beautiful-eyebrow Lilly Collins thing going on. The one on the right is a likeness fail, but that’s a pretty sick dress.

The River Oak

4 10 2011
Memorial Park 10/3/11

Went live sketching with my friend Mark in Memorial Park the other day. I wish WordPress had a photo size between medium and large; this is too small. Anyway, it was the perfect night – no clouds in the sky, dragonflies all around, and good conversation.

William Terriss

I recently discovered “memento mori” photography which is all about posing dead people in pictures, really interesting and twisted stuff. Somehow that lead to Victorian actors, which is how I found the dashing William Terriss.¬† William¬† became this great English stage actor, and his daughter, Emmaline, followed in his footsteps. Then this unfavorable actor he used to help (financially) goes mad and¬†STABS him to death. More William Terriss pics to come.

Pigs will eat anything.

1 10 2011

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