Snake Bird

13 07 2019

I dunno, I like the concept of imaginary exotic pets.
exotic pet

Fitness!… Bleh

16 07 2017

cat walkSo I’ve been on a “fitness journey” this year that involved a successful Couch to 5K but since has not been as smooth (the anemia and 95 degree weather outside do NOT help), so I was drawing a pic about running (with a cat?? I dunno) and then a companion piece about how much I hate it especially compared to other weekend morning options like getting donuts.

So these are really 2 parts of the same scene.  Bleh!

fitness bleh

Snow Bubbles

31 12 2016

Sometimes in Florida they get a bubble machine to sub for snow…  southern improvisation. And somehow that generated the idea for this pic. Happy New Year!



Pumpkin Carving

31 10 2015



7 02 2013

I saw this lemur in a pet store last year; this is how the encounter looked in my memory this year:

Atypical pet option

Atypical pet option

Yes, that’s intended to be me, and no, it does not succeed. The guy I was dating at the time was not too excited about the lemur.

Then I found a pic I took of the lemur that day. Feel a bit validated. Proof!
Can’t share the name of the pet shop, because I suspect everything is not on the up and up there. The Lake Eola swan theft is not easily forgotten.

Not-So-Great Expectations

12 04 2012

Note: tempeh is *much* faster to cook than tofu. Of course, there’s always a catch (more sodium). Tonight’s 1st trial with tempeh = success. My 1st trial with cinnamon pancakes over the weekend = huge failure. 😦 Am still a domestic work in progress.

I’m re-reading books until I get un-lazy enough to get a new one. I read Great Expectations eons ago and realized my memory was kind of spotty. For those that don’t know the story, here’s my recap below(clockwise from top left):

Great Expectations: Everything You Need to Know

Click to make bigger. There is so much…wrong going on in this picture; I don’t know where to begin. I am really thinking he smuggled the file out *in* the pie…? And that can’t be right. Ms. Havisham is a total hoarder, but she can blame it on the PTSD.

January Nights

6 01 2012

because walking down an alley alone is a great idea

More silly fast cartoons. 2 posts in one week! 🙂

Get ya’ self a pie!

I got a mini pie maker for Christmas and drew this. I reckon: this is Pie Boy, who sells pies on the street. He lives on a diet of cigarettes and pies, which is why his limbs are scraggly while his tummy has a pregnant-esque pie poof. Emo-Nylon-magazine-reader girl is bummed because her outfit is hideous. Nothing brings cheer like a pie.

A ginger princess!

10 12 2011

More office post-it portraits…

And then, has anyone ever seen Thumbellina? Major hair height going on. I like the concept of the mouse trying to sell her into marriage with the mole.  Everyone wants to marry Thumbellina regardless of the fact that she’s a different species. She probably suffered from extreme agoraphobia after this due to all the craziness she encountered and therefore never left the fairy castle. We need a sequel.

That is supposed to be a pin cushion that Mrs. Fieldmouse is standing on. 😦

Say, that doesn’t look much like a mouse, does it? Oh well, time to make jewelry.

Pity the fool!

27 10 2011

Unintentionally saw the “A-Team” movie on Monday. Go HBO. It’s about 4 guys who run around solving missions for the greater good and act cLeVeR: the crazy guy who flies things, the big guy afraid of flying, Liam Neeson, and the supposedly charming guy with hair that is or appears to be slicked back (Bradley Cooper). It’s pretty fun. I decided to draw them today – here’s what I remember!:

A-Team WooooOOo

I think this describes everyone perfectly. That blue thing is a paintbrush, by the way.

Countdown til AT

5 09 2011
Adventure Time consumes my brain.  Tonight’s the big gender bent eppy with NPH’s “so. very. large” line…and Prince Gumball! Drew a little Adventure Time-ish styled ladies’ night pic. Single ladies always talk about boys; it’s inevitable.  I, being superficial, want to wear high heels and still be shorter than a guy; Kim wants someone she won’t have to convert, while Lisa has her man. Ooh la la.

What time is it? Pompomtini time!

 Always do these sketches super fast and make a ton of lazy errors. (Light source? What’s that?) But for the record, my eyes are supposed to be staring dreamily upward, not at Lisa’s thought bubble boyfriend.

PS – “Doctor Princess” is from the eppy where Gunter is preggers and hatches the cat in my previous sketch. 😛

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