So I Made a Dress

18 05 2017

Craft time! Somehow I’ve managed to make actually wearable full circle skirts, and that’s about it… but recently I decided to try making an entire dress. With no pattern. And I barely know how to sew. Fun!

lily dress4

Actually it was kind of fun, and even though it’s clearly a bit ill-fitting, and I had no idea how to do boob darts, I think it looks pretty decent for a 1st try. I mean, I least I can get in and out of it!

lily dress2

Okay, I’m actually pretty proud of it. I had to do a whole crappy iPhone photo shoot to memorialize my victory in case it starts falling apart down the road.

lily dress8

I tried to use a much shorter spandex dress I have as a “model”, made a pattern from that and estimated the extra allowance for cotton since it doesn’t really stretch. I didn’t estimate quite right on the bodice’s proportions.
Then I did a 1/2 circle skirt instead of a full, because I didn’t have enough material. You can see – it still moves but isn’t as swishy.

lily dress11

Well, okay, it’s a little swishy. (Ignore my dumb face pls!)

lily dress7

Walking away, the back doesn’t look too bad. But up close, you can see that I put the zipper in off-angle (woops) and have excess material. Plus I want to leave the top of the back open so it can close with a bow thing and haven’t gotten to that part yet. (It stays zipped anyway without it.)

lily dress9

Ack – just pretend like you can’t see that part. Oh, and the other part that doesn’t fit right:

lily dress18

See how the hip sticks out from the bodice? Ugh. Anyway – I learned a lot and (hopefully) my next dress will fit better. Maybe I’ll get unlazy and actually buy a pattern.

Oh and just FYI this lily pad material came from JoAnn’s in the cotton section – not too expensive!


Villain Number One

2 05 2017

I¬†stumbled into the beautiful meme trap that is We Are Number One, and somehow it’s developed into this full-blown adoration of all things Lazy Town and Robbie Rotten. He’s so relatable! The whole show is so cute!
lazy town robbie

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