Etsy Store Updated + More Resin!

28 11 2012

I was wrong about not being able to add Etsy links here! Can’t add the mini-site, but can add a badge – it is large and lovely on my right sidebar. >>>

I’ll shut up about Etsy in a bit, but first I wanted to show some resin stuff on the site that I’ve created per my earlier post about resin here:

yellow flower from my yard – some kind of daisy. Added clear coat of resin on top after releasing from mold; the areas of the resin touched by the mold were not shiny. Problem solved!


3 mini shells backed with dried real rosemary and lavendar leaves. Yes, I realize these herbs aren’t ocean plants, but they were the perfect tiny size and added a nice color to the pendant.

This resin pendant has gold foil flakes suspended throughout it. It’s very pretty in-person and really catches the light, but I had a hell of a time photographing it. I could never get the camera to focus on the pendant, I problem I didn’t have with the others. Too shiny? More motivation to buy a macro lens.

I have more to put up on the site and some that I won’t put up there. So far only 1 has been a disaster. I had this pretty circular one, clear except for crystal glitter, with a silver deer inlaid. I wanted to dry to drill through it, because, let’s face it, pinch bails look nicer than glue-on ones. Asked my dad to help, but halfway through drilling, the bit got stuck and broke off! Maybe the resin got too hot and melted around it? Anyway, so now there is this jagged mini-knife protruding from it.

Etsy Store

28 11 2012

The Etsy shop is born! It’s a work in progress of course, but shaping up nicely (I hope). The bummer is that apparently WordPress doesn’t support the Etsy badge or the Etsy mini shop. I was going to add it as a page; now what? 😦

So the best I can do for now is a link: Dream Half Full

For all I know, I may never sell a thing. I’ve never tried selling online before, so it’s all new. Either way, I have big plans for inventory. The only road block now is not having nearly enough time to execute all my ideas. Suppose that’s what happens when you work full-time.

And because I can’t post without a pic:


Thanksgiving Sunset in St. Pete, FL



Fun With Resin

20 11 2012

Sooooo much fun! Except when it takes forever to dry.

Polka dot plant and pansy flower petals

Resin stuff is an awesome project that anyone can do. I’m making just magnets (like the one above) and pendants so far, but you can resin pretty much anything.  Here’s what you need:

EasyCraft is recommended (which you can buy at any craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby) and is supposedly quick drying. I, being cheap, bought some knock off brand that takes like 12 hours to dry. Still works. You need:

1) A resin kit like Easy Craft. This will have 2 parts: the resin and the hardener (catalyst). You have to mix BOTH to make it work.
2) Measuring cups. The ratio is usually 1 part to 1 part, or for what I used, 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener. Keep resin and hardener in separate cups. Also get a little cup to mix them in….
3) A mold to pour it into
4) Mold release: You can buy actual release (expensive), or can use cooking spray or vegetable oil. I tried it with cooking spray and then with nothing, and I didn’t see a difference.
5) Stirring sticks- like popsicle sticks
6) Modge Podge – to coat any paper or food items with. If you don’t do this, the resin will seep into the item and make weird colorations.

Then you need stuff to put in the resin. I have kindly provided examples above. 😛 I’m into botanical stuff, so I love being able to dry plants. You can press them of course, but if you buy silica gel (which is not a gel; it’s really a jar of flower drying crystals and costs about $7), you can use them much faster. A tiny leaf immersed in it can be microwaved for 7 – 8 seconds and will dry. Drying helps preserve the shape and color more than pressing, which pressing doesn’t do.

More to come later…Happy Thanksgiving!

Orlando Weekend

15 11 2012

Resin post on hold for now, because I got distracted by going to O-town.

Sculpture show in Winter Park, FL

Winter Park has several sculptures on display over the next few months. I think the collection is called something like “Art on the Green.”

Pretty in Prato, Winter Park

Had dinner at Prato, above, where the combination of dark/colorful lighting and live plants is my favorite.

swan foot

Just love those Lake Eola swans.

Back in Winter Park, there’s a little rose garden on the green that was just in prime shape this month.

There’s a new Burger Place on the corner of Fairbanks and Park Ave. Can’t remember the name…BurgerF or something like that. But check out these lights!

Faaaantastic lighting.

Happy November!

8 11 2012

Imma stop it with the “Happy Whatever” posts after this.

Topaz – November’s birthstone

November’s one of those frustrating months where people couldn’t just be efficient and pick one stone. A lot of people say citrine is its birthstone, but I’m siding with topaz. For some reason I feel that topaz outranks citrine. They both can have that orangey-yellow color anyway. For the record, the weird plant things are inspired by actual real plant things that grow by my workplace. They get this purple tinge around October/November every year.

Next week, all things going well, I’m going to put up something completely different! Something involving resin…. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

1 11 2012

Opal – the October birthstone. Just in time for the last day of the month.

October’s Birthstone

Okay, so I’m not 100% sure this is finished. But it’s getting there. Opal is a pale stone that catches the light in a dramatic way creating streaks of “fire,” bright orange, red, green, or blue glimmers of color. I think it’s a super fitting stone for the month of Halloween, because Halloween is such a fun, colorful holiday.

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