Savannah in Spring

28 04 2016

Piggybacking off my last post about Pie Society, that might have been our reason for visiting Savannah, but it wasn’t the only attraction. We turned it into a lovely day trip, just in time for the green fountains a few days before St. Patty’s.


Hard to see the green…this one’s better:


Festive! And so many flowers in bloom:


We spent some time at first in the Pie Society area (City Market), walking around to see shops, art galleries, and most importantly, treat shops:



This one was making fresh praline and giving out samples of it. Of course we were easily coaxed into buying some.


Outside it was beautiful with lots to see. Check out this underground bar!


Then we stumbled on Byrd Cookies. Lots of variations of little, round, crunchy cookies. Got some oatmeal for my co-worker since she raved about them, and the guy in the store said they’re the classic ones and a favorite of locals.


After Byrd’s, we saw another fountain and then went for lunch (afternoon tea really) at my favorite place, The Gryphon. I’ve written about it previously here.


Just as gorgeous as ever.


And just as unique.




It was a pharmacy at one point, as you can see from the old “tablet” drawers above.



I love afternoon tea. Cute + delicious, it looks like there’s not enough there, because it’s all small bites, but we were stuffed by the end. I started from the bottom tier and worked my way up.




I’m hungry again just looking at these pics! After lunch, we wandered back to our car, parked on the street. Just so happened it was parked in front of an old house doing tours for only $10/person.


It turned out to be the Frances Sorrel house, built in the 1800s. The house has been through a lot; in the 1990s someone bought it and started refurbishing it, but not necessarily in a way accurate to the period, so it’s a mix of unfinished, old school, weird 90s stuff, and in-progress.

This piece below was original, and really beautiful:


And check out this ornate mirror:


This next pic really shows how much the house has changed over time.


They had gone underneath the current wall covering and found this – battered but original paint designed to look like relief. The tour guide was using her phone as a light so everyone could see.

The tour includes the main floor (sort of the like second floor), the basement level, and the outdoor back courtyard. They don’t yet let people onto the upper floor with the bedrooms.


The bottom floor of the house was a department store at one time; now it’s mostly barren brick. Once part of it was also used by a doctor as an operating room. Lots of ghost stories (they do a night tour as well.)


The courtyard in back of the house is a good way to see what a work in progress the place is.

Our guide pointed out that the brick on the ground had thumbprints in places:


The story is that slaves at the time (early 1800s) would make these bricks and these prints were made by the brickmakers. They also have a 2 story building out back, that I didn’t really get good pictures of, where the slaves lived. In the upstairs, it was just one big room where everyone lived. A terrible part of history, but one that’s important to remember.

Here’re steps down to a basement area in that building. Didn’t ask what was housed there, but the courtyard at the time was for horses/chickens, so maybe it was related to that?


And one last shot of the juxtaposition of old and new:


If you’re ever in Savannah, get some British pies, some afternoon tea, and walk around the place. So many old houses like this one to explore, as well as more modern shops/restaurants.

Pie Society

21 04 2016

Hello, World! I apologize for my absence. Just got over some of the craziest weeks of my life, and if I wasn’t taking this afternoon off work, I probably wouldn’t have had time to blog for another week or so. Anyway, onto a more important thing: PIE!


And not just any pie. I’m talking about British pie. Specifically, Pie Society pie! As Americans, most of us think of pie as that fruit filled dessert you eat at a summer picnic or during Thanksgiving. Apple pie, cherry pie, pumpkin. Good stuff. But in England they have savory pies too. In my trip to England in 2013, I fell in love with Cornwall and, in particular, the Cornish pasty, a savory pie shaped kind of like a calzone. I have been craving one ever since. Like, seriously! I tried to make them once, but it just wasn’t the same.


Enter Pie Society in Savannah, Georgia. They have another location about 15 minutes north of Savannah in Pooler, GA, which is the original. It’s run by actual British people, so you know the pies are legit. I came in with high expectations.


It’s a small place – a counter to order at, a few tables to sit at and bar style seating at the window, and cute decorations.



I’d read online that you need to get there early in the day, because options sell out quickly. Driving from Jacksonville, we made it by 11 a.m. which was a bit on the late side. There were a constant stream of people in/out, some of them having ordered in advance, which I think is a good idea if you want something specific. Not everything on the menu, below, is available at once.



Luckily, they still had what I was going for: Cornish pasty! In England, I’d had one with potato, onion, and cheese. Traditionally, the standard pasty has ground beef in it. Pie Society’s pasties have ground beef, but they have a breakfast pasty that looks a little different but comes with the potato + cheese combo. There was only 1 left!


Oh, yes. Very beautiful. And inside, the perfect filling, warm and cheesy with herbs too:


So rich and tasty! Exactly what I’d been craving! Also tried a scone, complete with cream and jam:


Gotta say though, the savory stuff is where it’s at. We brought a cooler especially for the trip and took some things home for dinner.


By 11 a.m., they were already out of a lot. Very popular! But shortly after, someone brought some freshly put together pies to bake:


Trays of unbaked, future tastiness. Yum! Anyway, we took home 3 things.

The first night, we baked (well, heated up – they were already cooked) the Cauliflower Broccoli Bake:


(Which was delicious…though I failed to take a pic of the inside) and a Chicken and Thyme pie, which I completely failed to get a pic of! Must have been too hungry. It was amazing, I can tell you that. And very filling.

Then we got 2 Cornish Pasties for the next night, one for each of us. They are huge!


So good!


I realize the lighting isn’t so appetizing looking in that last pic, but it really was good. Beef, some onion I think, peas, and a few carrots. Mostly meat and sauce, but soooo lovely. We stopped by Pooler as well to pick up some sausage rolls, but I only took phone pics. If you are in the area, please try this place! You won’t regret it.


Faire Peeps Pt.4

5 04 2016

This guy was so 90s punk, I just had to draw him. Sort of proud of that plaid shirt even though up close it’s sloppy.


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