Official art stuff – past to present. Older stuff at the bottom.


Work in Progress...

Detail of my RAM painting "Irresolute", sold 2011

Detail of quick painting - Lake Eola pagoda at night


Detail - Vanessa sitting, 2008

The painting everyone hates, also my favorite. Self-portrait, 2008

Painting class project. 2 paintings, plastic vs. rustic, now vs. then, consumerism

2007 project - multi-style "comic" collage, hand drawn with pen and inkwell. The drawing is mine, the contents are from various sources including Winsor McCay and John Allison ( more I don't know names of.

Detail from a triple self portrait, 2006

1st drawing in 1st college art class, 2006

 High School:

Micron pen drawing of paternal grandma, 2003 or 2004

Graphite drawing of Mark, 2003 or 2004. Sorry for bad quality - too big to scan!

3 responses

14 09 2011
The Gallery now has stuff! « Art Stuff by K.

[…] Gallery […]

20 01 2012

Impressive! So much talent, make sure you keep using it, and have fun doing it, or it becomes work instead of art.

26 10 2012

You really can draw, Katie!

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