30 12 2011

Terrible colors! This tree thing was in the guest room I stayed in for 3 nights. Everything is SO busy. I wanna go to Seasons 52 stat.

This picture hurts my eyes.

I aim to come back in 2012 with better pictures.

White (Charcoal) Christmas

22 12 2011

Bought a really cheap ($1.50) 6″x8″ sketchbook made of this cardboard-colored recycled paper a couple months ago with the intention of using it for charcoal drawings, because the white charcoal/chalk will show up decently. Amongst a whirlwind of holiday dinners and shopping, finally found a spare 20 minutes to start it:

Vivien Leigh looking angry and dynamic




Official drawing FAIL. What is it? Deer, cow creature, llama?


“Power and Chaos!”

12 12 2011

A bit off-looking water color of Bray from The Tribe. I want to paint Ebony and Lex yelling at each other.

Traveling on business the next few days, so we’ll see if I have time for any sketches. It’s that shocking moment when you realize you haven’t been on a plane in 15 years, and when you’re only 25, that’s basically a lifetime ago. Never thought I’d be afraid of flying, but I’ve had such monstrous bad luck the past two years; I’m super on edge.  My friend Jessica says they throw frozen chickens into the turbines or something to test it, so I guess my fear of a stray bird flying into the propellor is kind of irrational…right?

A ginger princess!

10 12 2011

More office post-it portraits…

And then, has anyone ever seen Thumbellina? Major hair height going on. I like the concept of the mouse trying to sell her into marriage with the mole.  Everyone wants to marry Thumbellina regardless of the fact that she’s a different species. She probably suffered from extreme agoraphobia after this due to all the craziness she encountered and therefore never left the fairy castle. We need a sequel.

That is supposed to be a pin cushion that Mrs. Fieldmouse is standing on. 😦

Say, that doesn’t look much like a mouse, does it? Oh well, time to make jewelry.

Hello, Winter!

5 12 2011


 Almost didn’t make a post this week, because I got so busy with other things like:

 The NaNoWriMo challenge – completed! 1 novel written in 29 days at over 50,000 words. Whew! And then there was this:

Winter Park, FL

Made a mini-trip this weekend to Orlando. Brought the crappy camera instead of the good SLR, but even this shows how pretty it is in winter. And of course there was also this:

white chocolate kissed gingerbread cookies

Made some cookies from a McCormick recipe  in their “Celebrate Deliciously” cookbook magazine. Mmm.
Anyway, this week’s sketch is a water color of Trudy from The Tribe, this awesome post-apocalyptic T.V. show from New Zealand. I used to LOVE this show when I was in middle school. Premise is: a virus kills off all adults, so kids have this fallen apart, war-torn world to made do in. I love how they can barely find food but find enough makeup to come up with these awesome crazy looks every day.

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