The First Pig Post

30 09 2011
Experiment – long-legged pigs

Super busy this week. No drawing time. Found my old sketchbook…I remember drawing the pic below but remember nothing from this movie.

12/06: Christmas visit to my Aunt's house

Quick Sketches

17 09 2011

Business Head-Shots

My new time waster – little caricatures of business proiles. 2nd to last is spot on with the hair and *way* off with the chin. Sometimes I acknowledge the presence of double chins too late in the process.

New project = live sketches. Quick, no thought or planning. Good to do while you’re waiting for dinner or something. The top is at Oh, Brothers and bottom  is outside Lillie’s Coffee Bar during art walk.

The Gallery now has stuff!

14 09 2011

The gallery page is now updated! See non-sketch stuff, mostly details from paintings such as this:

Detail of my RAM painting "Irresolute", sold 2011

Grape-Eye Luke

13 09 2011

My imaginings of Luke’s little “eye problem.”

Here’s  Luke in real life, after the infected eyeball was removed:

Post-op Cat

…..This isn’t exploitative I’m sure

How many reality stars does it take…?

8 09 2011

VH1’s reality show Famous Foods was playing on marathon while I cooked a massive tofu dinner tonight. The concept is for a bunch of “stars” to plan, design, and open a restaurant while competing for a spot as a partner. Some guy got kicked off  for getting drunk and throwing lemons around, so I only drew the last 6. Fun, but hard to do T.V. drawings. Scenes switch so fast, you kind of just have to cartoonize and pick out notable features. I failed with Ashley’s face. Danielle is missing a hint of scorn in her expression..

I’m starting to sketch upside down in the book, because being left handed smudges everything.

Clockwise, L to R: DJ Paul, Danielle, Vince, Ashley, Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka...Did I get the names right?

Sugar Addiction

6 09 2011

Fresh Market lets you compile your own Jelly Belly jelly bean bag. I can never stop loving this.

Countdown til AT

5 09 2011
Adventure Time consumes my brain.  Tonight’s the big gender bent eppy with NPH’s “so. very. large” line…and Prince Gumball! Drew a little Adventure Time-ish styled ladies’ night pic. Single ladies always talk about boys; it’s inevitable.  I, being superficial, want to wear high heels and still be shorter than a guy; Kim wants someone she won’t have to convert, while Lisa has her man. Ooh la la.

What time is it? Pompomtini time!

 Always do these sketches super fast and make a ton of lazy errors. (Light source? What’s that?) But for the record, my eyes are supposed to be staring dreamily upward, not at Lisa’s thought bubble boyfriend.

PS – “Doctor Princess” is from the eppy where Gunter is preggers and hatches the cat in my previous sketch. 😛

“Gunter! Why didn’t you tell me?”

2 09 2011

Adventure Time is the show that should have been around when I was a kid. It’s very 80’s-dark-fantasy-humor. A little fairy tale, a little Salad Fingers, + some cuteness. Just can’t get enough!

Gunter, Gunter's baby cat, Fionna & Prince Gumball

Express sends me catalogues like, on a daily basis, so I tried sketching a Gumball-ized version of a model. I kept his crown super tiny. Prince Gumball is a man! He doesn’t need to overcompensate.

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