The Fair

23 02 2016

Back in November, I spent an afternoon/evening at the Jacksonville Fair. So much to see! Finally uploaded my photos…procrastinating as always.

This sleepy little guy, just hatched, was one of my favorites:


He’s going to have a companion soon….


I always go to the animal area first, because I love seeing the baby pigs! They’re so playful:


Next we went to the Exhibition Hall, where they have…exhibits, obviously; a large plant sale (where I bought a cute kalamancha – no pictures yet); and this year, an interactive butterfly area.


They asked for donations outside, which we were happy to contribute to. Then you go into this enclosed, netted area full of butterflies and plants. They invite you to take a sponge brush that’s been dipped in some kind of nectar or sugar water and “feed” the butterflies.


First you hold the brush near a butterfly, seeing if it’s hungry. If so, it’ll wander onto the brush and you can carry it around for a bit – gently, of course.


Very cute to see kids enjoying this! Next we went outside to catch a show from Robinson’s Racing Pigs (so cute!)


Unfortunately, my view was of the back ends, but still cute. The best part was the swimming:


Up they go…. they race across…and then: a shake to dry:


They’re rewarded with crushed oreos. 🙂

When night fell, I got some shots of the rides:





Definitely a good time!

Sunrise Over Jax Beach

17 02 2016

Crossing one off the bucket list, finally woke up on a weekend early enough to catch a sunrise over Jacksonville Beach. (By the way, even in FL, a beach in January is COLD!)

Upon arrival:

Jan sunrise1

It even looks cold in the picture! But just for comparison, below – pre and post sunrise shots of a beach cactus:

Jan sunrise2

Jan sunrise36

Quite the difference! Anyway, we spent maybe 30 minutes on the beach in total, freezing the entire time. By the end of it, I could barely move my hands.

Jan sunrise3

Jan sunrise13

Jan sunrise16

Love the one above. The sea foam looks like some kind of floating ice.

Jan sunrise15

As the sun came up, I was impressed with this guy that managed to stand there in the water watching it. Caught him in the right of this picture:

Jan sunrise27

Jan sunrise24

Jan sunrise28

It’s up! And the birds are awake:

Jan sunrise30

What you don’t see here that I found interesting were the other people on the beach there for the same thing. Well, maybe not photographing it, but watching the sunrise all the same. Not a large number of people, but enough to notice, quietly, reverently observing. Beautiful event.

WIP – Novel Characters

5 02 2016

More playing with the tablet and experimenting/learning with lights…maybe it’s too blue for a flashlight, but I like it.  The other side of the image is orangey-red.



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