80s Throwback

29 09 2012

What’s worse: the fact that I’m cheating by posting another old drawing, or the fact that this shows what a bad toddler-aged artist I was? Cleaning up old stuff, I found this gem inside my old Barbie coloring book:

Page from the Barbie Color & Fun Book, copyright Mattel, Inc. and Golden Books.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid came out when I was 3 years old, and I was so obsessed, I drew Ariel pictures everywhere. That’s what this is supposed to be…. I remember my mindset back then enough to say that the squiggly lines atop the dress are supposed to be ruffles, and the jellyfish looking thing below that is a bow. The “x” marks on the water are supposed to be sparkles.

Ariel and Flounder of my childhood. We all start somewhere.

Does adding color help? As to why I gave Ariel a mangled, oversized arm, I will  never know.

Legit sketch blog art to come soon. Several fun art things in motion now. 🙂

Hobo Kitty Visits

18 09 2012

Technically, he’s not a hobo kitty. But despite having owners, he’s always hanging around our house, yearning for attention. I think it’s too rainy for him lately.


Stoic Kitty

Okay, okay, enough cat pics. Stopped by MOCA at this month’s Downtown Art Walk and saw a cool lil’ exhibit by Tristin Lowe. Check it out here: Project Atrium. Snapped a couple shots with the cell phone:

Why the stripes? Seriously. My date took a pic with his cell too, and the same thing happened. I’m sure it’s something sciency…

And lastly, my most delicious project of the month:

Homemade kiwi cupcakes with kiwi icing! Yumilicous.

Puppy Time

15 09 2012

It unfortunately wasn’t until after I finished this sketch painting that I realized it looks like the boy’s hand is reaching for the dog’s butt. 😦

The Coolest Tree

8 09 2012

Back in St. Pete, I was super excited to stumble on something I haven’t seen since Sarasota:

Know what it is?…

A banyan tree!


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