Cumberland Island

27 07 2012

This post is not very “art stuff,” but it has lotsa photos, and I’ve wanted to post them for a while. I took a trip to Cumberland Island a couple springs ago, and it was even better than I remembered as a kid. I can’t wait to go again since this time I have a better lens, but it’s best to wait until the temperature drops. Plus there’s probably less risk of deer ticks when it’s cooler.

Cumberland Island Ferry

Cumberland Island is in Georgia just above the Florida border line. Make your way to the town of St. Mary’s, and take the ferry to the island. This is the only way on or off, so don’t miss it! We bought tickets in advance for this trip. It gets crowded.


The ruins of Dungeoness are my favorite part. The mansion burned, I believe, in the last century, but a house has existed on the spot in one incarnation or another for several centuries. You can’t go in the ruins, but can walk all around them.

Wild horse near Dungeoness

Wild horses freely roam the entire island. I’ve heard of people seeing them running on the beach, but we saw them in the forest and around the house. You can get surprisingly close; they must be very used to visitors. A group of them galloped through a picnic area, but my shot of that was blurry.

Little guy!

Lots of little crabs running around. Cute!

Formerly attached to Dungeoness?

The structure above was off to the side of Dungeoness, but I can’t quite remember what it was. For some reason I’m thinking gym/swimming area attached to the house, but that could be wrong.

A closer view of the previous structure.

Wild turkey

Wild turkies also roam freely. They were running, so even with a telephoto this shot is cropped. Wouldn’t let us get close at all.

Near the graveyard

This little guy was perched right outside of the graveyard, which is close to the old car graveyard. That’s what I call it, anyway.

Denizen of the old car graveyard

And speaking of, there’s an old car.


Heading over the dunes toward the beach, we saw this gator. I’ve never seen or heard of a gator on a beach before, so it was a suprise. Another telephoto cropped shot.

Freezing cold on the beach in March

Didn’t get many beach shots due to the wind, cold, and the fact that we were running low on time at that point. We had to make it to the ferry before its last pick up. My friend above was kicking foam at us.

Entering the canopy-forest

Leaving the beach takes you into a forest of low growing trees where the leaves form almost a carpet above you. You’ll see…

Between the beach and forest

Beautiful thistle. Is it a Scotish thistle? Is there more than one kind of thistle at all?

Cumberland forest

I wish I’d had more time/the right equipment, because the forest is gorgeous, and I didn’t get a great shot. Still, you can see all the branches, great to climb on. All the leaves are above, like a roof.

If you haven’t been to Cumberland, I highly recommend it.

Too much time in the office

21 07 2012

Little lunch break cartoony thing:

Some workplace headshot caricature things:


13 07 2012

computer color experiment

No More Rulers!!

6 07 2012

F rulers. F perspective. (Not really, I’m just lazy.)

House in Springfield in Jacksonville.

 Some friends of mine a while ago in front of the old main library wall. The old library used to be the best part of Art Walk; they used to have concerts in the basement and people doing roller derby or something on the 2nd floor. I’m bummed they finally closed it down.I just can’t stand rulers. Too much like math.


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