Sky Whale

23 01 2018

I did this for an art trade at the suggestion of someone who liked whales and wanted a whale with a fantasy element. We both have a photography interest that overlaps with nature and stars, so this is what I came up with. Art trade ended up not happening, but I thought I would at least share here.

sky whale



Snow Bubbles

31 12 2016

Sometimes in Florida they get a bubble machine to sub for snow…  southern improvisation. And somehow that generated the idea for this pic. Happy New Year!



Christmas in July… Wait…

7 07 2015

Talk about overdue – back in January, right after my trip to Key West, I turned around and went on a trip to Rochester, Minnesota. It was business, but it was also my first time in the Midwest (or as I call it and any place that gets truly cold, from a native Floridian’s perspective, “the North.”)

Look at that! A patchwork blanket of whiteness. Total 180 from Florida.

Look at that! A patchwork blanket of whiteness. Total 180 from Florida.

I only had my cell camera, so not the best pic quality. And if snow is a normal thing to you, may want to skip this post. But for those of us that NEVER get to see snow…it is pretty darn exciting.

my footprints...

my footprints…

First time ever making a legit snowball :)

First time ever making a legit snowball 🙂

Naturally, had to make a snowman. He is beautiful.

Naturally, had to make a snowman. He is beautiful.

Here's a much better snowman than mine...and yes, I creepily took pics of someone's front yard. Sorry, not sorry.

Here’s a much better snowman than mine…and yes, I creepily took pics of someone’s front yard. Sorry, not sorry.

See the mini snow people in the pic above too? 🙂 I was like a little kid in the snow, having fun in the way that you do when something is a novelty and not a daily reality of life (am not envious of anyone that has to drive in snow and ice!)

Rochester is a pretty small town; a few business make up the bulk of it. We had to check out Mayo Clinic, one of the biggest – it has a long history in the town, and part of that history is preserved in an almost museum-like setting that’s not at all what you picture when you think “hospital.”

Impressive front door.

Impressive front door.


Gorgeous elevators...

Gorgeous elevators…



In a way, it’s a relief from the concrete, steel, and glass that every professional building is composed of now.




Anyway, the highlight of the whole city, in my opinion, is this place right here:


Oh yeah, Pannekoeken! This restaurant just happened to be in the ground floor or our hotel, so we went for the first time more for easy access than anything else. But everything they serve is tasty, and the star of the show is, of course, the pannekoeken itself. Pronounced “pan – uh – koo – kin” (and I know that because they bring it out to you, running, while singing it), it’s a Dutch baked pancake filled with whatever sweet or savory thing you want.

Here it is, in its freshly made glory:

My apple pannekoeken

My apple pannekoeken

If you ever go there, you MUST have one. They don’t have these anywhere down South that I’ve ever been. They also have spectacularly giant muffins, which are also good:

giant pumpkin muffin

giant pumpkin muffin

Food in Rochester is pretty good overall, in my opinion. But the snow is what I wish I could get a bit more of:


Silver Lake Park… that snow was so bright, I could have used sunglasses.





After a couple days, we had to go the way of those geese in the pic above and head back home. Where it is now about 97 degrees. Gotta love it.

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