Quick Bird

25 04 2015

jungle bird


13 04 2015

My first attempt at doing a digital picture all on 1 layer. This one artist I really like works that way, though it seems few seem to, and I thought, well, let’s do it. This is my paternal grandfather from a photo taking during his WWII service.


I’m sort of satisfied. I’m satisfied with the effects…the face still isn’t quite right. Maybe the darks are too dark. Definitely the spacing between nose and mouth is a bit off, but eh. I made it harder by laying down a light gray in the background before I started, meaning I couldn’t ever erase or I’d wipe pieces of the background that would be noticeable. So I had to paint over errors, more like traditional painting. Oh, and I couldn’t see the top of the hat. Process shots below:





Work Sketches

8 04 2015

Had to do some webinars for CEUs today at work…I can’t just sit still and listen…

zentangle-ish thing

zentangle-ish thing

based on a photo ref...

based on a photo ref…



DIY Pet Pillow

2 04 2015

So, I did a lot of DIY for Christmas last year (yes, this post is VERY late in coming), and that included my first attempt making a pet pillow (more specifically a cat pillow) for my friend L, who loves her cat, Misha. 🙂 This is pretty easy to make, and people love custom things, so if you have a pet lover in your life, this might be the gift for them!

Wanna make your own?

You will need:
– pet photo, full-body (unless you want a floating head or something)
– t-shirt transfer photo paper, sold at any office store like Staples
– computer and printer (obviously)
– white cotton material (I get a full yard to have extra leftover)
– an iron
– pillow stuffing
– sewing supplies (needle, white thread)

First, get a picture, full body view, of the pet of your choice….a little harder doing a gift, because your friend may wonder why you’re asking for a pic of their pet…Anyway, load the pic to your computer. If you have photo editing software, you can edit the area around the cat to be white (select and erase, or dodge, etc.) so it’ll be easier to cut/transfer to material without getting unwanted background elements. You can always do a close cut with scissors too.

pillow supplies

pillow supplies

See my lovely supplies, above, including the printed pet image. (Oh yes, and try not to be an idiot like me and forget to flip your image before printing if any words are visible (like her ID tag); otherwise they’ll iron on backwards.) Now it’s time to cut out your image. If you weren’t able to make the image background white, cut as close as possible to the pet itself. Because I was able to edit mine white, I could leave a bit of a margin which is easier to deal with.

misha pillow2

Cute! Cut out your white cloth to make 2 pieces that are bigger (at least a couple inches around the image) than the pic. It really doesn’t take much cloth since your transfer paper size is only 8.5×11″, regular paper size, which is pretty small. Now, for the ironing! Iron your cloth first. The transfer paper will come with directions; just follow those.

misha pillow3

Let your new picture-cloth cool down, then you can cut out closer to the pet shape, but remember to leave plenty of room around the edges. Leave the cloth with the pet image facing up flat on a table. Lay the other, blank white cloth on top of it, aligning the edges of the cloth. (If you want the back of the pillow to be the backside of the pet, you’ll need to get a picture of the back of him/her, iron that onto cloth, and then place your cloths so that the images are touching/facing each other.) Then sew around it…again, be sure to sew leaving a couple inches of white visible instead of right next to the pet, or when it’s stuffed, some of the pet image will be cut off. I used a sewing machine, but you could easily do it by hand. Don’t sew all the way around; leave several inches open. You’ll need to reach in the opening to add stuffing. Turn the sewn pillow inside out – now the pet is on the outside!

misha pillow4

Now it’s time to add stuffing. Any craft store like Hobby Lobby should have this. When it’s fully stuffed, take the needle and thread and, by hand, sew the opening closed.

misha pillow5

Ta da! I will admit, this is not a great picture of the pillow. The pet photo quality was really sharp, and it’s eyes didn’t actually look so wonky. BUT – either way, my friend thought it was cute, and it was definitely something unexpected. 🙂

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