6 03 2017

Spring is here, which means time to garden! Also time for the Strawberry Festival, which I had on my mind when I did this girl’s outfit. 🙂



Spring Girl – Tablet Practice

5 12 2014

Barely used my new tablet, and realized I hadn’t even touched it in 3 months. This week I finally knuckled down for some practice:

Spring - tablet practice

Spring – tablet practice

Based loosely off an old photo I took. Figured out pen pressure controls, which are so helpful!

Something New

8 03 2014

It finally feels like Spring today after 5 days of rain, cold, and mist. Working on something new for the new season:

Ooh so ethereal!

Ooh so ethereal!

These are layers of leaves pressed in wax paper. Some I started back in November.


Breaking out new resin…

1st layer applied

1st layer applied

I expect these will take a few weeks to finish. Going to try not to destroy the entire table this time.

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