Blue/Orange Portraits Part 2

24 01 2012

Jess and Steve profiles

Here’re the other 2 blue/orange profile portraits to go along with the last post. Palette: blue, red, white, minor amounts of orange

 Well, RAM is gearing up with those art squares again, and last I heard, Biscottis is going to be putting up some of the squares again. (That’s where my previous 2 sold, and they have excellent salads and cakes!) I have 2 squares prepped but haven’t decided on a good idea yet that’s both family friendly and interesting….


Tonight’s Paint-Sketch

20 01 2012

Quick paint sketches -no black or brown paint. I ran out of brown, and I’m tired or relying on black to darken things. I have all these pics of statues that look kind of modern. Maybe I’ll do a serious painting of one someday.

Statue Girl, Drew profile

 I also have this set of 3 pics of my friends in profile with blue/red coloring. I think I’ll paint the other two also…

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