Hello, Winter!

5 12 2011


 Almost didn’t make a post this week, because I got so busy with other things like:

 The NaNoWriMo challenge – completed! 1 novel written in 29 days at over 50,000 words. Whew! And then there was this:

Winter Park, FL

Made a mini-trip this weekend to Orlando. Brought the crappy camera instead of the good SLR, but even this shows how pretty it is in winter. And of course there was also this:

white chocolate kissed gingerbread cookies

Made some cookies from a McCormick recipe  in their “Celebrate Deliciously” cookbook magazine. Mmm.
Anyway, this week’s sketch is a water color of Trudy from The Tribe, this awesome post-apocalyptic T.V. show from New Zealand. I used to LOVE this show when I was in middle school. Premise is: a virus kills off all adults, so kids have this fallen apart, war-torn world to made do in. I love how they can barely find food but find enough makeup to come up with these awesome crazy looks every day.

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