27 10 2015

2 silly Inktobers. Always used to draw towns/hotels/amusement park designs that never made architectural sense as a kid. Decided to see if it was still fun.



No More Rulers!!

6 07 2012

F rulers. F perspective. (Not really, I’m just lazy.)

House in Springfield in Jacksonville.

 Some friends of mine a while ago in front of the old main library wall. The old library used to be the best part of Art Walk; they used to have concerts in the basement and people doing roller derby or something on the 2nd floor. I’m bummed they finally closed it down.I just can’t stand rulers. Too much like math.


William Terriss, Continued

11 10 2011


 William Terriss in the upper right with co-star and mistress Jessie Millward. You’d think the internet would have at least 1 picture of his actual wife, since she was an actress too, but I haven’t found it. His daughter, Emmaline, also became famous (top left). She smiled a lot, unlike her father. Maude Adams (bottom pics) was the highest paid stage actress at the time and had some beautiful-eyebrow Lilly Collins thing going on. The one on the right is a likeness fail, but that’s a pretty sick dress.

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