Lovely Food

14 01 2012

It’s been a pretty rough week – no drawing time so far. SO, I’m going to post some lovely food pics. Food is art too, right?

makin’ the raviolis

I decided to try making ravioli from wonton wrappers (Publix sells them by the tofu products). I shredded carrots, chopped spinach, cooked those in a bit of olive oil and garlic, and added goat cheese. There wasn’t a recipe, but it ended up being pretty tasty.

cooked wontons with marinara sauce

 The finished product. 🙂 The best part is, you cook them just like spaghetti, but it only takes about 4 minutes!

Then I was randomly gifted with a mini-pie maker for Christmas. My friend and I attempted strawberry-blueberry pie for our trial run.

fresh fruit for the pie with pizza rolls in background


makin' ze pies


final product

 Ta da! Although the last pic is the second try, because the first time we didn’t cut a slit in the top so the filling oozed every where. 😦

Anyway, I have a cupcake shop grand opening to get to…:)


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