But it’s so cute…

20 03 2017

From January that I haven’t posted til now, an anatomically (and shadow-ly) incorrect digital illustration…


Snow Bubbles

31 12 2016

Sometimes in Florida they get a bubble machine to sub for snow…  southern improvisation. And somehow that generated the idea for this pic. Happy New Year!



Faire Peeps Pt.3

29 03 2016

This girl was dressed and posed as a statue.


Faire Peeps Pt.2

27 03 2016


WIP – Novel Characters

5 02 2016

More playing with the tablet and experimenting/learning with lights…maybe it’s too blue for a flashlight, but I like it.  The other side of the image is orangey-red.



Protective Mom

27 01 2016

protective mom

“Wake pies and make the dead”

30 06 2015

Just discovered Pushing Daisies a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it and watched all the episodes and bought it online. It is so sweet and colorful and just … different, in a good way. How was this cancelled after 2 seasons?!

So I wanted to draw screencaps from the show…you know how people take an animated screen shot and do a “re-draw” in their style? Even though this was live action… and I learned that I have a hard time diverging from source-material style.

Emerson's face is always

Emerson’s face is always “can’t even.” I just love him.

Starting on the right side (above), I tried to go in a different direction than the screen capture, but by the time I got to Emerson, it had pretty much become a simplified style of what was on the screen…. that gradually got more involved…

Ned and Olive

Ned and Olive – and oh, hello, I drew a background!

Lee Pace has fantastic eyebrows, and I might have gone a *little* overboard with their caterpillar-ness. I couldn’t help it. Oh well! … and then it got more involved …

Chuck being earnest and Emerson being

Chuck being earnest and Emerson being “can’t even” once again.

Compared to original screencap:

PD screencap8

Screen shot from Pushing Daisies via my lovely iPhone camera

And my initial first layer sketch:


Anyway, it was fun! Everyone should do a screencap draw at some point. Just open a blank canvas in Photoshop, open the screencap photo, set arrange to view 2 horizontal – so you can look at the photo above your canvas while working – and start drawing! And no color picking – that’s cheating. Now if only I could get a good shot of Pigby!

Try an Apple

10 06 2015

Try an Apple

More practice with lineless art. Hard! … And I just realized the color looks totally different here than in Photoshop! I don’t know how everyone does it; it takes me forever and still looks sloppy. Also not liking my attempt at a background above. The struggle is real. I saved a version below I added final details with black and like it much better.

try an apple black


13 04 2015

My first attempt at doing a digital picture all on 1 layer. This one artist I really like works that way, though it seems few seem to, and I thought, well, let’s do it. This is my paternal grandfather from a photo taking during his WWII service.


I’m sort of satisfied. I’m satisfied with the effects…the face still isn’t quite right. Maybe the darks are too dark. Definitely the spacing between nose and mouth is a bit off, but eh. I made it harder by laying down a light gray in the background before I started, meaning I couldn’t ever erase or I’d wipe pieces of the background that would be noticeable. So I had to paint over errors, more like traditional painting. Oh, and I couldn’t see the top of the hat. Process shots below:





Green Mask

22 01 2015

green mask

More tablet practice… you can tell I totally gave up by the time I got to the legs. 😛

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