Meditative Doodling (and cupcakes)

14 01 2013

NOTE: Cupcake recipe to come tomorrow. WordPress will not properly display post from my home browser.

So I’m volunteering with an “Arts at the Bedside” division of a Humanities in Medicine program. This particular program is carried out within a Jacksonville hospital, where volunteer artists make creative projects to share with patients to give them a positive distraction from their medical issues, and to enhance the health of the mind/spirit while the hospital works on the physical stuff. 🙂

Will have more posts on this program and what we do in the future, but for now I wanted to share one of the things we just did at our weekend workshop: zentangling (click on link for main site). This is a style of “meditative doodling” that’s very free-form, effortless (anyone can do it), and pattern/repitition oriented, which is what gives you that calm feeling while doing it. A micron pen is perfect for this, plus a gray copic marker for smooth shading.

Here’s my starter zentangle:

sample zentangle sketches

sample zentangle sketches

ALSO! Fernandina Beach used to have this awesome cupcake place called Patty Cakes Bakery. Unfortunately, I learned this weekend that Patty Cakes is no longer there, which means no more apple betty cupcakes. 😦 So I decided to make my own:

finished cuppycakes!

finished cuppycakes!

Post-filling, pre-replacing tops and adding icing

Post-filling, pre-replacing tops and adding icing


Hobo Kitty Visits

18 09 2012

Technically, he’s not a hobo kitty. But despite having owners, he’s always hanging around our house, yearning for attention. I think it’s too rainy for him lately.


Stoic Kitty

Okay, okay, enough cat pics. Stopped by MOCA at this month’s Downtown Art Walk and saw a cool lil’ exhibit by Tristin Lowe. Check it out here: Project Atrium. Snapped a couple shots with the cell phone:

Why the stripes? Seriously. My date took a pic with his cell too, and the same thing happened. I’m sure it’s something sciency…

And lastly, my most delicious project of the month:

Homemade kiwi cupcakes with kiwi icing! Yumilicous.

Doom Approaches

27 04 2012

With my 26th birthday mere weeks away, my mood has gone into this seriously downward spiral that is really encroaching on my art life. Actually, it probably has more to do with constant stream of macabre events in my life….but enough about me.

Oh, Pita, if only it was Cupcake Wars.

So I caved and read The Hunger Games, like everyone else. It was a fun read. My favorite in that post-utopian (or whatever it’s called) genre will prolly always be Logan’s Run. In fact, let’s just fangirl it  up here:

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