Afternoon Sun

31 01 2017

Last of these sketches-over-a-photo things… these were fun!


Oscar Sunday

22 02 2015

Tablet practice of the weekend… first time trying form without line art first. Rough! Now since the Oscars are tonight, I’d better go make chocolate covered strawberries. 🙂
sitting girl copy

A Couple

17 02 2015

Their hands are atrocious, but I like the highlight on her sleeve. Pretty quick one from yesterday.

Project Runway

30 01 2015

Been really into Project Runway: All Stars lately. Dmitry and Sanji are my favorites. 🙂 Sanji has this awesome sense of style, and I love how Dmitry’s always so deadpan. Not sure I like Michelle (think that’s her name…with the Mohawk thing), but I’m fascinated by her Mohawk thing. I didn’t quite mean to make Isaac Mizrahi look that angry. :/ Some quick sketches during the episodes. A new eppie is on Right! Now!

proj runway


11 12 2014

spell 1

More tablet practice, this time using different layers for different parts of it. I went a little crazy with pink highlights on the skin and dress, which I realize now look terrible! Oh well. I do like the sky and her curvy swan neck. It’s meant to look a little over-swiveled like her head’s being pulled slightly away by the spell…


4 07 2014

Those are totally stars on her shorts. Happy July 4th!
And please ignore his weird feet/legs… I don’t even know.
jane and greg july 4 2014

Pencil Faces

3 04 2014

practice portraits
Practicing some silly stylistic things. I’m sort of happy with it except for super psycho eyes near the top there.

What do peacocks eat?

17 08 2012

Jane and Greg adopt a peacock.

Pretty sure peacocks wouldn’t eat cookies. I used to draw these 2 characters years ago: Jane and Greg – platonic college roommates who don’t function like normal people and have weird hobbies. I want to start cartooning them again. Anyway, I really do wonder what kind of pet a peacock would make. I saw one on my trip to Tampa, just wandering around a parking lot:

Just chillin’

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