Faire Peeps Pt.2

27 03 2016



Protective Mom

27 01 2016

protective mom

Peppermint Girl

17 12 2015

Feeding mints to a little bird in Peppermint Land…

Peppermint Girl


13 04 2015

My first attempt at doing a digital picture all on 1 layer. This one artist I really like works that way, though it seems few seem to, and I thought, well, let’s do it. This is my paternal grandfather from a photo taking during his WWII service.


I’m sort of satisfied. I’m satisfied with the effects…the face still isn’t quite right. Maybe the darks are too dark. Definitely the spacing between nose and mouth is a bit off, but eh. I made it harder by laying down a light gray in the background before I started, meaning I couldn’t ever erase or I’d wipe pieces of the background that would be noticeable. So I had to paint over errors, more like traditional painting. Oh, and I couldn’t see the top of the hat. Process shots below:





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