So I Made a Dress

18 05 2017

Craft time! Somehow I’ve managed to make actually wearable full circle skirts, and that’s about it… but recently I decided to try making an entire dress. With no pattern. And I barely know how to sew. Fun!

lily dress4

Actually it was kind of fun, and even though it’s clearly a bit ill-fitting, and I had no idea how to do boob darts, I think it looks pretty decent for a 1st try. I mean, I least I can get in and out of it!

lily dress2

Okay, I’m actually pretty proud of it. I had to do a whole crappy iPhone photo shoot to memorialize my victory in case it starts falling apart down the road.

lily dress8

I tried to use a much shorter spandex dress I have as a “model”, made a pattern from that and estimated the extra allowance for cotton since it doesn’t really stretch. I didn’t estimate quite right on the bodice’s proportions.
Then I did a 1/2 circle skirt instead of a full, because I didn’t have enough material. You can see – it still moves but isn’t as swishy.

lily dress11

Well, okay, it’s a little swishy. (Ignore my dumb face pls!)

lily dress7

Walking away, the back doesn’t look too bad. But up close, you can see that I put the zipper in off-angle (woops) and have excess material. Plus I want to leave the top of the back open so it can close with a bow thing and haven’t gotten to that part yet. (It stays zipped anyway without it.)

lily dress9

Ack – just pretend like you can’t see that part. Oh, and the other part that doesn’t fit right:

lily dress18

See how the hip sticks out from the bodice? Ugh. Anyway – I learned a lot and (hopefully) my next dress will fit better. Maybe I’ll get unlazy and actually buy a pattern.

Oh and just FYI this lily pad material came from JoAnn’s in the cotton section – not too expensive!



Vulture Plushie

3 12 2015

This is a year late in posting! But for ages I’ve wanted to make vulture stuffed animals. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about sewing, and less about designing a pattern for something like this. So – my future line of vulture plushies are still in “trial and error” phase.

So this is not a DIY or tutorial. More like a “how not to.” (Also, sorry for the crappy iPhone pic quality.)

vulture pillow1

Above, my first attempt at a pattern and trying to decide which buttons to use for the eyes. And okay, I realize that vultures don’t really have yellow feet and beaks, but I just thought it would translate better.

Cutting out my first attempt:

vulture pillow2

The hard part (for me) is that the head/beak/feet are made from different color cloth and have to be added in there somehow on the front side, but then the whole thing has to be sewed in reverse (so you can’t really see how much you’re encroaching on the pattern).

vulture pillow3

Cuties! Front and back of attempt #1, above. Sadly, attempt #1, while the cutest, had some trouble. So I tried 2 more attempts (e.g. instead of shaped colors on top of the black print, using each color without backing):

vulture pillow4

The feet kept getting continuously bigger as I would sew them and then not have enough room to pull all of the feet rightside out.

vulture pillow5

Lol. My 3 attempts pre-stuffing. The left one is the first, and IMO still the cutest. However, you can see its stupid, unturned feet and too much black around the beak. The second one did not turn out right at ALL. The third, on the right, just doesn’t say “vulture” to me, but that’s the one I finished cause I could turn its full beak and feet out:

vulture pillow6

Okay, it’s a little cute, right?

vulture pillow7

Even though its beak looks wonky.

Finished product, perched on my dresser!:

vulture pillow8

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