25 09 2017

The hurricane and residual work chaos threw me off my stride, but I did do this little painting I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Why a fork/knife/crumb-laden plate? Can’t explain it, just wanted to.

dessert final

For kicks I took cell photos (the above one is from the crappy cell too) of the progress.

dessert WIP1

dessert WIP2

Pics above are in natural light – ala hurricane power outage.

dessert WIP3

dessert WIP4

Dessert – yum.


12 09 2016


New painting based on a photo I took in San Francisco. Not sure if it’s finished or not. I HATE the area of the bottom left of the building, but that’s more or less what the photo looks like, and I’m not good enough with architecture to make it up (hence another “no rulers or measuring” painting.) Here’s the full piece:


Thought I’d include some process pics:

So, I below are these crappy old paintings I had sitting around (and ref photos). The blue one is an underpainting of a potato plant. Was going to be a potato forest. Will be painted over. The purple one was an assignment for a non-art class in college (a painting of a painting) and I have always hated it. I gessoed over it, and it became the lanterns!

old scrap paintings

Here are some underpainting levels:

lanterns WIP1

lanterns WIP2

lanterns WIP4

Then come the lanterns!

lanterns WIP5

lanterns WIP6

And so forth…I think I should do more traditional stuff.

Blue Jellies

9 03 2016

Sketchy phone pics of a new painting project:


Electric blue jellyfish! I actually really don’t love this painting…I didn’t quite do what I wanted to…but will prolly do a larger one next with red and blue jellies and see how they look together. This is 16×20″ I think.


Most frustrating thing is how different it looks in different lighting. And that the black painted background is shiny. Shiny! Ugh.




Wedding Dress

19 01 2016

My BFF is getting married in a few months and asked me to paint her wedding dress in the style of an artist she likes who does simple watercolor front-few dress paintings like the dress is on a mannequin with blues/grays dappled around the dress. Completely not my style or choice of subject matter, but it is my BFF, so…

wedding dress

Ugh. My terrible scanner doing a blurry bad job of it. Love the little shadow wrinkle it added in the middle thanks to the scanner bed being too small for the paper (9×12).

Here’s a wrinkle-less phone shot:
wedding dress2

Mini Cornwall Collection

13 08 2015

Well, the 4 mini Cornwall paintings are done!

Cornwall mini canvases 2015

Counter clockwise from top left:
1) Lock from inside the House at Mount Edgcumbe, right near Plymouth, England
2) The domes at the Eden Project, near St. Austell
3) Boat and bird by the waters around Mount St. Michael
4) Houses and pastures of Tintagel, seen from atop Tintagel Castle

Cornwall mini canvases2 2015

They are so cute and little! May be putting up to sell on Etsy soon. Admittedly, the lock painting doesn’t fit in as well with the rest of the others, since the others are all very green and outdoor scenes, but each painting represents my favorite outings on our England trip. I went for a brighter, more green-toned look in the outdoor pieces than my photos generally had because I love the brightness of greenery. Fun project…maybe next I’ll do mini paintings of London or Strasbourg.

Cornwall mini canvases3 2015

More Mini Canvas

5 08 2015

I have 1 more Biltmore/travel post to go, but it’s time for some overdue traditional art. A while ago I started a small project of a mini collection of mini canvases (2 inches x 2 inches each) showing scenes from my trip to Cornwall, England. I wrote about the first here, a lock at Mount Edgcombe. Here’s the second, a boat from Mount St. Michael:

mini canvas boat1

They’re based on photos I took there and aren’t designed to be exact (e.g. I took out the people and other birds, as well as narrowed in on a square versus the whole rectangle, as you can see below), but let me tell you, it is HARD to paint that small, especially without very small brushes.

mini canvas boat2

A couple more to come in the next week or so. 🙂

Cornwall Mini Canvases

18 06 2015

mini canvas key

Sorry the pic is messy – but this is sort of a work-in-progress situation. I have all these mini canvases I gessoed and am going to try doing 4 mini paintings from photos I shot in Cornwall (England), starting with this lock close-up from Mount Edgcumbe. Going to try an outdoor scene next – I may need a smaller brush first!

Humanities in Medicine – Photo-Inspired Painting

12 05 2015

I’ve posted before about my involvement as a volunteer with the Humanities in Medicine department of a local hospital. This is a great program where volunteers work with patients at the bedside, family members in waiting rooms, and hospital visitors at “drop-by” table events (e.g. for Valentine’s Day) to encourage them to make art as a means of healing, positive distraction, and just plain fun!

We had a session recently led by the coordinator’s son, an independent artist in California, and an intern to try out a new project. Photos of campus scenery are glued (using something like Modge Podge) to a piece of watercolor paper. Then you can create whatever you like around the photo.


We had colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and watercolor crayons to work with. I like representational art, so naturally I did an extension based on the image. Others did abstract colors, shapes, or a motif based on the image.

This may be challenging to do at the bedside because of the set up (anything involving water is tricky, especially when patients only have a tiny table they can access usually with food/drinks on it), but for a drop-by table event, pre-glued images could work well. Most people who don’t think of themselves as artistic have a hard time creating work from scratch, so the image would provide inspiration and a starting point.

First Attempt at Gouache

20 12 2014

gouache tree2

Found an old starter set of gouache paint that my dad had and decided to experiment. Never painted with gouache before.

This tree in the backyard was so pretty, I just had to paint something inspired by it.

This tree in the backyard was so pretty, I just had to paint something inspired by it.

Final product!

Final product!

Honesty, I found gouache really frustrating to deal with. The set was pretty old and was spewing out this brown oil when I opened the paints, but it’s probably just that I don’t know what I’m doing with it. Going to spend the rest of the day resting, cause I’m fighting off a nasty flu/sickness thing. :/


14 10 2014

Knocked out a new piece this weekend – 8″x10″ acrylic – a girl and her giant snail buddy chillin’ in the sun, drinkin’ some lemonade. 🙂 I gave them matching “tattoos” and not sure how I feel about that yet. Was going to put stuff inside the hearts but didn’t have a brush small enough for the girl’s. I want to do a whole bunch of giant animal friends paintings!

Hangin' out in the summer

Hangin’ out in the summer

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