Not-So-“Supermoon” Experience

22 11 2016

So apparently, we had a supermoon recently  – the biggest in 60-some years. I tried to meet up with a photo group in Green Cove Springs to attempt some photos of the thing, but the night didn’t turn out quite as planned.


A photog crowd gathered on the banks by the dock right at sundown. As you can see, a massive cloud cover blocked the night sky. I passed time taking some random pics:


…a fancy boat across the river, and the gazebo in the park behind me:


But the night drew on, and still no break in the clouds. So I just started shooting randomly from the tripod.




And then even more randomly:



…until we finally had to admit defeat – the moon was not gonna show itself that night. Stupid clouds!


Right before I packed up, I got a fun shot of a bicycler:


And that was it! No supermoon. 😦 I did get to see the moon the next night (perfectly clear, of course), but it did not look super! Guess 1 day really makes a difference. Oh well, maybe 18 years from now!


The Florida Theatre

23 06 2016

For May Art Walk (every 1st Wednesday in downtown Jacksonville, FL), I met up with a couple friends… as always, always stuff to see during art walk, like this community painting (we contributed to the reverse side):


Or this cute/weird bird:


(Sorry for the photo qual – only had my phone.) Eventually, we stumbled on The Florida Theatre. Now, everyone from Jax knows about the Theatre; it’s been around since the 20s and is pretty famous. But honestly I hadn’t been there since a field trip when I was much younger. It’s a shame because it is SO pretty! Turns out during Art Walk they do free tours, so naturally we took advantage!


Just the entryway alone is pretty. You could get wine or whatever drink (below) and take it with you on the tour, but I needed both my hands free (one for phone pics, one to hold onto railings so my clumsy self doesn’t fall down stairs.)


You go up some stairs and then into the main area  – my favorite!



It reminds me of Epcot’s Mexico. 🙂 The plaster décor is all original.


These doors are NOT original, which is impressive because in person they really look authentic. Anyway, then you get to go into the theater itself:



…You get to climb right onto the stage and see all this behind-the-scenes stuff! I didn’t get any good shots from the stage looking onto the audience because it is just so massive, it wouldn’t even properly fit into the panorama.

After this, we walked through this little door to the left to go “backstage.”


Love these mirrors! I will say, the bulk of backstage is surprisingly unglamorous. It surprised me anyway. Very plain, narrow stairs, that kind of thing. I mean, even Elvis performed there! I thought there’d be some fancy chairs or something. But these mirrors were cool, and the lights put off SO much heat!

Then we went upstairs…


I thought it was really amazing that even these garlands are original:


I mean, from the 20s! We went on the second level of the theater and got to walk all the way up. Finally, a good pic of the view!


I can’t get over these amazing lights!


iPhone pictures definitely don’t do it justice. Or show how enormous they are. We heard about how some of the seats still have the original upholstery and learned about the “ghost” seats off to the side.

Last we walked in a room used by their patrons that used to be a nursery.


The bunny in the corner there is from the original paint of the nursery.

It’s a really great tour – our guide was a wealth of info, and we loved seeing behind the scenes. Highly recommend stopping by if you go to Art Walk!

A lovely night in downtown:


The Fair

23 02 2016

Back in November, I spent an afternoon/evening at the Jacksonville Fair. So much to see! Finally uploaded my photos…procrastinating as always.

This sleepy little guy, just hatched, was one of my favorites:


He’s going to have a companion soon….


I always go to the animal area first, because I love seeing the baby pigs! They’re so playful:


Next we went to the Exhibition Hall, where they have…exhibits, obviously; a large plant sale (where I bought a cute kalamancha – no pictures yet); and this year, an interactive butterfly area.


They asked for donations outside, which we were happy to contribute to. Then you go into this enclosed, netted area full of butterflies and plants. They invite you to take a sponge brush that’s been dipped in some kind of nectar or sugar water and “feed” the butterflies.


First you hold the brush near a butterfly, seeing if it’s hungry. If so, it’ll wander onto the brush and you can carry it around for a bit – gently, of course.


Very cute to see kids enjoying this! Next we went outside to catch a show from Robinson’s Racing Pigs (so cute!)


Unfortunately, my view was of the back ends, but still cute. The best part was the swimming:


Up they go…. they race across…and then: a shake to dry:


They’re rewarded with crushed oreos. 🙂

When night fell, I got some shots of the rides:





Definitely a good time!

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