Washington Oaks State Park

2 03 2016

Just a skip away from Crescent Beach, about 45 minutes from Jacksonville, is one of the prettiest little Florida parks you’ll find: Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.

washington oaks1

It’s not the biggest area, but is a great place to spend a few hours on a nice day, and close to St. Augustine!

washington oaks3

The gardens were low on flowers when we went a few weeks ago (the roses had just been trimmed), but the greenery amid all the fountains and ponds was still really beautiful.

washington oaks4

We did come at the right time, however, for the camellias (above). From far away they look like roses, if roses grew on trees.

washington oaks5

We made our way around the gardens and then to a beachy area where people were fishing. This guy was posing nicely:

washington oaks7

We learned later that he had some fishing wire wrapped around his leg, so that’s probably why he was so still for pictures! But it’s alright; someone called the park ranger to come and help the bird get untangled.

washington oaks9

We turned away from the beach and went on a nature trail:

washington oaks12

And of course, it wasn’t too far from the beach, hence these roots. Mangroves, maybe?

washington oaks13

But the best part of our walk on the trail was a cute animal sighting. Can you see it?

washington oaks11

Little squirrel peeking out of a tree hole! Well, it was a beautiful, bright day:

washington oaks10

So we decided to leave that side of the park and cross the street to the part that’s the actual beach.

washington oaks14

Bit warmer than my last beach trip, but still chilly. But the chills were soon forgotten in light of how beautiful this beach was:

washington oaks18

washington oaks15

I dunno, maybe it was the lighting. Just a pretty, warmly lit afternoon. Made all the better by some playful, hungry seagulls:

washington oaks22

washington oaks21

washington oaks25

washington oaks27

But the sun was going down and the temp getting cooler, so we took a last look at the beach:

washington oaks29

And made our way home on A1A, passing through St. Augustine of course via the Bridge of Lions:

washington oaks30

Lovely shot there through the windshield lol. Anyway, if you’re in the area and haven’t seen the park, it might be worth checking out. Easily something you can do in a couple hours.




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