Tea at The Grand Floridian

20 08 2015

Sometimes you really just want – no, need – some cucumber sandwiches and tea and a scone with cream. And then you realize there’s almost no place where you live to satisfy that craving. Last time this happened, I went to the Gryphon in Savannah, a lovely time I wrote about here. This time, I wanted something a little closer to home.

Luckily, the Disney hotel the Grand Floridian has an afternoon tea and is only about 2.5 hours from home. Ta da!

Fancy flooring upon arrival:

disney tea26

So this tea is more complex than the Gryphon. You have to make a reservation (easy enough online) and guarantee with a credit card. (If you don’t show, it will charge I think $10 per person). You don’t pay online, just pick your day, time, and guarantee it.

Things were a little weird at the hostess desk. I think the hostess might have been having a bad day. Anyway, we got seated pretty quickly at the Garden View Tea Room. It’s pretty small – bordered by windows on one half:

disney tea11

…with the other half facing open and out into the hotel lobby. Mostly they have cute little circle tables:

disney tea2

Right behind our table was this cool thing:

disney tea3

The menu has several “combo” options versus being able to order piece by piece. I think this is pretty standard for afternoon tea. We chose the Bedfordshire Tea, which has sandwiches, scone, and desserts along with the tea. Other choices added champagne or similar for a higher charge. The Bedfordshire is $30/person, so the bill for two is around $75 with tax.

disney tea1

Tea comes out first:

disney tea4

I got the Princess Breakfast Tea. I mean, duh, we are at Disney after all. They put little burgundy tea cozies on all the tea pots to keep them warm. Then out comes your sandwich plate:

disney tea6

Gotta say, this plate was my favorite part. Bits of fruit, an onion tart (sweet though), 2 pieces of lavosh (a cracker), 2 large pieces of cheese, and 4 sandwiches: egg salad, chicken curry, pickled golden beet with goat cheese, and cucumber. Curry was my favorite. Filling and yummy!

Then comes the scone plate. I became obsessed with clotted cream after England, and it’s almost never used in America, so I get really excited when I find some. The scone plate has a scone (obviously) – ours was golden raisin, a strawberry tart, and a trio of spreads: apricot, cream, and lemon something.

disney tea7

Honestly, I was a little disappointed in the cream. I think it might have been butter. It kind of tasted like it. The lemon thing tasted really off. The rest was okay, and the scone itself was delicious.

By this point, you’re full, but there’s still dessert! You choose between a small plate of pastries or a bowl of strawberries topped with cream. Of trifle, whatever that is. We picked pastries.

disney tea13

I was in love with the cute swan (had a tropical fruit mousse), but the chocolate thing ended up tasting the best:

disney tea14

The strawberry smelled like nail polish remover. I’m hoping they dipped it in alcohol, because otherwise I’m not sure that was safe to eat.

Stomachs full, we walked it off around the lobby:

disney tea15

They have a fantastic chandelier like the Gryphon, albeit in an entirely different style. They also both have a stained glass piece:

disney tea16

At 3:00 they bring in live musicians. They started with a piano player and a woman singing songs from The Little Mermaid (both very good). Later they had these guys:

disney tea24

disney tea25

We took a stroll outside too.

disney tea17

This last isn’t the greatest pic, but it shows how just a short walk from the tea room you can walk out on a sandy beach and see the Grand Floridian’s wedding villa and the neighboring Polynesian Resort:

disney tea19

Verdict: Good, enjoyable, but the quality of some of the food needs some work for the price. I’d rate the Gryphon higher both on food quality and décor, but Disney always makes a fun experience. Glad I went.




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21 08 2015
Rumiya Murtazina

What a beautiful place. Great photos!

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