Biltmore!: Part 2 (The Gardens)

30 07 2015

If you aren’t sick of greenery by now after my South Carolina and Pisgah Forest photos, you might be after this post, because I’m completely dedicating it to the gardens of Biltmore, a must see if you visit.

bday biltmore68

The gardens by the conservatory (greenhouse) are an easy walk down from the house under this wisteria draped trellis (above) and some winding sidewalks, peppered with blooms and trees on either side. Immediately in front of the conservatory are tons of roses!

bday biltmore36

Well, roses in May. Tulips earlier in spring. And I’m not sure what else the rest of the year, but I’m sure they come up with something. They’re very artful.

bday biltmore65

Case in point: these sculptures of Victorian-attired women made entirely out of plants!

bday biltmore64

But the roses? I’ve never seen so many in one place.

bday biltmore37

bday biltmore61

You can even glimpse the house if you look closely:

bday biltmore39

Once I’ve smelled as many roses as possible, it was time to visit the conservatory:

bday biltmore35

bday biltmore59

I didn’t get many pics inside honestly (the limitations once again of a set 50 mm lens), but here’s an idea:

bday biltmore52

bday biltmore56

The flowers outside are just as beautiful:

bday biltmore43

The main gardens conclude in an outdoor quick-bites place (like with lemonade and small eats) and, the level below, a gift shop. However, the grounds are so expansive, there are plenty of trails you can walk on to see yet more gardens. I wanted to go on the Bass Pond Trail, since I’d never been before. We spotted some brilliant azaleas (they were finishing their season when we arrived):

bday biltmore48\

…and a beautiful outlook on a lake:

bday biltmore46

There’s a little boat house, though we didn’t venture closer than this:

bday biltmore50

…and some varied plant life:

bday biltmore49

bday biltmore44

bday biltmore45

A long walk on uncomfortable shoes and in heat, but pretty scenic for sure. It eventually leads to a man-made waterfall. After much more walking, we eventually headed out for the day, intending to stop by Biltmore Village (a shopping district outside of the grounds, very commercial, like shops you’d find in a mall; I wasn’t impressed) before heading back to Asheville. Luckily, before leaving property, we noticed a small turn onto a dirt road that leads to a little clearing by a lake, and this spectacular view:

bday biltmore73

Back of the house. Perfect picnic spot!

The next day we returned for another new experience: the Biltmore Rooftop Tour! Stay tuned. 🙂




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