“Wake pies and make the dead”

30 06 2015

Just discovered Pushing Daisies a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it and watched all the episodes and bought it online. It is so sweet and colorful and just … different, in a good way. How was this cancelled after 2 seasons?!

So I wanted to draw screencaps from the show…you know how people take an animated screen shot and do a “re-draw” in their style? Even though this was live action… and I learned that I have a hard time diverging from source-material style.

Emerson's face is always

Emerson’s face is always “can’t even.” I just love him.

Starting on the right side (above), I tried to go in a different direction than the screen capture, but by the time I got to Emerson, it had pretty much become a simplified style of what was on the screen…. that gradually got more involved…

Ned and Olive

Ned and Olive – and oh, hello, I drew a background!

Lee Pace has fantastic eyebrows, and I might have gone a *little* overboard with their caterpillar-ness. I couldn’t help it. Oh well! … and then it got more involved …

Chuck being earnest and Emerson being

Chuck being earnest and Emerson being “can’t even” once again.

Compared to original screencap:

PD screencap8

Screen shot from Pushing Daisies via my lovely iPhone camera

And my initial first layer sketch:


Anyway, it was fun! Everyone should do a screencap draw at some point. Just open a blank canvas in Photoshop, open the screencap photo, set arrange to view 2 horizontal – so you can look at the photo above your canvas while working – and start drawing! And no color picking – that’s cheating. Now if only I could get a good shot of Pigby!




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