Northanger Abbey

27 08 2014

According to WordPress it’s the 3 year anniversary of this blog. Who knew? Anyway:

Weirdest. Movie. Ever.

Weirdest. Movie. Ever.

I saw this 86 (or 87?) version of Northanger Abbey recently and man, was it weird. It didn’t help that I saw the 07 version first (JJ Field!), which is actually pretty cute and endearing. The 80’s version is like…wailing saxophone music, little boys doing cartwheels, staring around with enormous eyes in fields of mist, and a random French character with a moon on her face. Pretty accurate summary. I think their casting choice for Mr. Tilney is odd/bit creepy too. His face is hard to draw…it’s round with this fluffy halo of blond fly-away hair and non-angular features.




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