24 03 2014

Quick pencil sketch that I threw some digital color on also quickly, playing with things I never look at like setting a layer to multiply and different brush types. Also realizing more and more each day that the fact that, digitally, I have to do everything with my right hand on a mouse is massively inefficient and rocky compared to what I could do using my left and a stylus. Being left handed and all. Am considering a tablet.

what kind of birds? nobody knows

what kind of birds? nobody knows

I don’t know about those birds, but I did them thinking of my new bird obsession: Chipita.


This (the swan) is Chipita. I was walking around Lake Eola a few weeks ago with a friend when a park ranger (?) on a bicycle comes out of nowhere with this adorable swan following him. He stops and pets her, saying “This is Chipita!” I didn’t manage to get my phone fast enough for a pic; luckily we saw them again by the ranger house (? I’ve no idea) and she was squawking because he went in the house without her, but then he came back out and voila, all was well.




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