Sloppy Sketch

17 08 2013

Here’s some half-ass sketching during “Return of the Pink Panther” while literally falling asleep and some awake stuff while watching “Grease2.” Grease 2 is, seriously, a good movie. I *need* that soundtrack.

"I love your hair, Ms. Mason." "All 300 pounds of it!"

“I love your hair, Ms. Mason.” “All 300 pounds of it!”

Haven’t had much time for art lately. Health issues, family deaths, work issues, and soon to be something big that is going to keep me out of the loop for a bit (in a good way though, unlike those other reasons).

I’m going to have to put my Etsy store on “vacation mode” for a couple weeks. 😦 Every piece of advice says that’s a bad idea, but my access will just not be reliable, so I can’t take the risk, especially considering that EVERY time I go on a “vacation” someone immediately buys something. It’s like they have a sixth sense. BUT….when I get it back online I have a bunch of cute items ready to go!!




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