Can I Patent This?

18 07 2013

Seriously, I am excited about this. Every time I make a resin pendant, it’s this huge hassle. You have to sand edges, reapply resin, and repeat. Then usually you’ll have it almost perfect except for a little drip on one side or a little piece of dust that embeds in the surface; then you have to do it all over again. I’ve been hanging the pieces on the handle of a colander for a while so I could resin multiple sides at once, but that didn’t stop the dust. So I ask my dad if he has ideas… And he creates the Resin Box (so it’s him that should get the patent, I suppose.)

And it’s so simple: one cardboard box, lined with plastic, with the flat part of hanger latched onto the box at a diagonal, and the inside flaps of the box sprayed with… Some kind of thing that prevents cardboard dust from coming off of it. I just hang my pieces on cut wire around the hanger, close it up, then rest something on the lid to keep closed. No more dust!

Some nice new pieces coming up:

Brand new and almost finished!

Brand new and almost finished!

Heavens, I typed this from my phone & it took forever!




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