1800s Style

22 02 2013

Pretty damned sure I haven’t posted this drawing here yet, but naturally can’t be bothered to check for it as I am exhausted (but in a good way this week – wrote a business contract for work and weirdly found the process exhilarating. Shared this with a friend who said I should have been a lawyer….Pah!)

Caroline Frank and Otto Birr

Caroline Frank and Otto Birr

Genealogy is an occasional obsession of mine. Last month, was super excited to find a photo of relatives I’ve never seen before. Turned them into ink and watercolor. Showed the actual photo to the gramps (they were his grandparents) who could recognize them – tiny, petite Caroline and robust Otto, though by the time he knew them, Otto’d lost both legs and had to be pulled around in something like a wagon. You’d think now, with modern medicine, the end of life would be less tragic, but in my experience it rarely is.




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