Meditative Doodling (and cupcakes)

14 01 2013

NOTE: Cupcake recipe to come tomorrow. WordPress will not properly display post from my home browser.

So I’m volunteering with an “Arts at the Bedside” division of a Humanities in Medicine program. This particular program is carried out within a Jacksonville hospital, where volunteer artists make creative projects to share with patients to give them a positive distraction from their medical issues, and to enhance the health of the mind/spirit while the hospital works on the physical stuff. 🙂

Will have more posts on this program and what we do in the future, but for now I wanted to share one of the things we just did at our weekend workshop: zentangling (click on link for main site). This is a style of “meditative doodling” that’s very free-form, effortless (anyone can do it), and pattern/repitition oriented, which is what gives you that calm feeling while doing it. A micron pen is perfect for this, plus a gray copic marker for smooth shading.

Here’s my starter zentangle:

sample zentangle sketches

sample zentangle sketches

ALSO! Fernandina Beach used to have this awesome cupcake place called Patty Cakes Bakery. Unfortunately, I learned this weekend that Patty Cakes is no longer there, which means no more apple betty cupcakes. 😦 So I decided to make my own:

finished cuppycakes!

finished cuppycakes!

Post-filling, pre-replacing tops and adding icing

Post-filling, pre-replacing tops and adding icing




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15 01 2013
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2 08 2013
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