A Filler, Let’s Be Honest

20 12 2012

The holidays are throwing off my game, man. So behind on everything. Taking today off work though and get to work on art all day. 🙂 Much art to come in the next few weeks, but a few pics to satisfy the week’s quota:

Makeshift flower hanger

Makeshift flower hanger

I’ve been trying to resin some leaves – as in not embed them in resin, but paint them with it so that the shape is totally intact….this puff ball flower is my test. A twisted hanger and mini clothes pin works well, but I had to cut off the stem since the pin got glued to the plant. Also, you have to check it every few hours while drying to scrape off the bottom of the flower where the resin pools.

The lime earrings - backside

The lime earrings – backside

Above, I made earrings! None of the craft stores sell molds with small enough bits for earrings, so I used the plastic backing for my mini magnets – which, turns out, is not resin friendly! Hell to get out. All my bails were too big for the resin, so I twisted some wire for a makeshift bail. No jump ring needed, you can ply the end of the earring wire open.

Had a really weird dream that involved swimming in this really clear water with all these sting rays. Happy holidays and all that.




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