Etsy Store Updated + More Resin!

28 11 2012

I was wrong about not being able to add Etsy links here! Can’t add the mini-site, but can add a badge – it is large and lovely on my right sidebar. >>>

I’ll shut up about Etsy in a bit, but first I wanted to show some resin stuff on the site that I’ve created per my earlier post about resin here:

yellow flower from my yard – some kind of daisy. Added clear coat of resin on top after releasing from mold; the areas of the resin touched by the mold were not shiny. Problem solved!


3 mini shells backed with dried real rosemary and lavendar leaves. Yes, I realize these herbs aren’t ocean plants, but they were the perfect tiny size and added a nice color to the pendant.

This resin pendant has gold foil flakes suspended throughout it. It’s very pretty in-person and really catches the light, but I had a hell of a time photographing it. I could never get the camera to focus on the pendant, I problem I didn’t have with the others. Too shiny? More motivation to buy a macro lens.

I have more to put up on the site and some that I won’t put up there. So far only 1 has been a disaster. I had this pretty circular one, clear except for crystal glitter, with a silver deer inlaid. I wanted to dry to drill through it, because, let’s face it, pinch bails look nicer than glue-on ones. Asked my dad to help, but halfway through drilling, the bit got stuck and broke off! Maybe the resin got too hot and melted around it? Anyway, so now there is this jagged mini-knife protruding from it.




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