Fun With Resin

20 11 2012

Sooooo much fun! Except when it takes forever to dry.

Polka dot plant and pansy flower petals

Resin stuff is an awesome project that anyone can do. I’m making just magnets (like the one above) and pendants so far, but you can resin pretty much anything.  Here’s what you need:

EasyCraft is recommended (which you can buy at any craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby) and is supposedly quick drying. I, being cheap, bought some knock off brand that takes like 12 hours to dry. Still works. You need:

1) A resin kit like Easy Craft. This will have 2 parts: the resin and the hardener (catalyst). You have to mix BOTH to make it work.
2) Measuring cups. The ratio is usually 1 part to 1 part, or for what I used, 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener. Keep resin and hardener in separate cups. Also get a little cup to mix them in….
3) A mold to pour it into
4) Mold release: You can buy actual release (expensive), or can use cooking spray or vegetable oil. I tried it with cooking spray and then with nothing, and I didn’t see a difference.
5) Stirring sticks- like popsicle sticks
6) Modge Podge – to coat any paper or food items with. If you don’t do this, the resin will seep into the item and make weird colorations.

Then you need stuff to put in the resin. I have kindly provided examples above. 😛 I’m into botanical stuff, so I love being able to dry plants. You can press them of course, but if you buy silica gel (which is not a gel; it’s really a jar of flower drying crystals and costs about $7), you can use them much faster. A tiny leaf immersed in it can be microwaved for 7 – 8 seconds and will dry. Drying helps preserve the shape and color more than pressing, which pressing doesn’t do.

More to come later…Happy Thanksgiving!




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28 11 2012
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[…] I’ll shut up about Etsy in a bit, but first I wanted to show some resin stuff on the site that I’ve created per my earlier post about resin here: […]

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