Terrarium Project 2

19 10 2012

Making terrariums is so much fun that I just had to make another! I’ve always wanted to try an enclosed one.

Here’s what you get: mini plants that like water, charcoal, gravel, potting soil, and most importantly – a roomy glass container with an interesting shape. Mine is from Hobby Lobby, around $18 with their 40% off coupon.

Whoops! You can tell even my “mini” plants were a bit too big. No matter – you can trim them, just not to much at once or you may shock the plant.

Some trimmed pieces left behind…

See above…didn’t take too much off, just enough to be able to fit them all in and close the lid.

I layered some gravel just around the edges for decoration mainly, just to break up the dark dirt with another color.

Mini elephant ear! 🙂

Ta da!

Next week: something totally different – back to sketching!




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26 10 2012

Thank you!

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