Oh, America

30 06 2012

There is so much hate for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (the new movie) that I think is uncalled for. I mean, firstly, it’s about Abraham Lincoln…fighting vampires. What exactly were they expecting? And it seems like most complainers don’t like it because it’s not like the book, or they misunderstand the tone, or they think it’s disrespectful to the namesake. (How? It’s a ridiculous but really positive depiction of him.)Or they assume it’s got Twilight-style vampires and are “tired of romantic vampires.” These vamps are about as far from romantic as you get. Well, I liked it. I thought it was funny in a play-it-straight way with a totally over-the-top premise and crazy action scenes.

Anyway, I wanted to know how many kids Lincoln had, so I started researching him, then Mary Todd Lincoln, then Harriet Tubman, then Frederick Douglass. I never knew Douglass was (to a degree) an advocate for women’s rights. He was handsome too in that stern looking way.

I drew his daughter too but didn’t get a good scan:

Douglass and daughter, R. D. Sprague




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