A Bad Time to be Royal

4 04 2012

My obsession for this week is Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, who, like so many royals from the time period, has a dramatically tragic story.  Her mother (and sister) died from diptheria when she was a child. Then she marries, but her husband (Grand Duke Sergei Alex…?something) gets assasinated. Then she becomes this great philanthropic nun in Moscow, but eventually gets arrested and murdered by Bolsheviks. There were grenades involved. It’s pretty crazy. I was just thinking “Man, they should canonize her,” when I read that she was canonized.

She also had a really interesting look, and this pic doesn’t do it justice:

Grand Duchess “Ella”

On an unrelated note, I’m also really into this guy today:

I tried to connect the picture to the site I got it from, which has more handsome pics of this guy. Apparently he wasn’t allowed to marry someone of another race or have a romantic on-screen relationship in a movie with someone of another race because of some ridiculous laws. It’s sad – you hear about Valentino, Chaplin, but not this guy, and he was apparently just as famous.




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